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Ace your truck driver's exams with 500+ exam-like questions

The only 2-in-1 program that includes all 500+ exam-like questions and a Pass Guarantee. Perfect for first-timers or newcomers to Canada. Breeze through your exams or get your money back. Entirely online, from just $99.

  • 2-in-1 program: Exam-like questions + Pass Guarantee
  • Canada's #1 online truck driver training program
  • Questions specific to
"Just a fantastic program that served me so well that I was able to pass both of my knowledge tests with flying colors And I couldn't have done it - I know that for a fact - without your website."
Ross, featured customer PASSED

"I have learned loads in such a short time"

“The platform is super easy and enjoyable to use. It’s fun and incredibly effective. It was honestly this service I have to thank for my pass today! Now I am on my way to a better career.”
O. Yevers
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"You won't believe how many hours you will save"

“I used Tests.ca last year, passed quickly, but went traveling and did not do the road test. So I am re-taking the knowledge test. Time is money, and I want to pass again first time!
Rich Van Schaik
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"After three days of use I was able to ace both exams"

“I could easily see my progress and narrow down areas I needed to dedicate more time to focus on. The questions were similar to the testing centre's format and language.
Dan J.
Premium Customer

Say goodbye to boring textbooks and jam-packed classrooms

It's 2023: why settle for the same outdated methods your grandma relied on? Where facts meet the asphalt, that's where we excel. We pack all the necessary knowledge into immersive, real-world driving scenarios engineered to build your confidence one question at a time.

The old way
taught at trucking schools:

— VS —

The new
interactive way:

With every question you answer, every road scenario you walk through, you'll notice the transformation – from anxious beginner to a confident driver-ready. We’ll arm you with the skills necessary not just to ace your exam, but to be that safe, responsible driver every road needs.

Pass the truck driver's exams – guaranteed, or get your money back

Even if you haven’t taken a test in 10 years. And taking tests makes your hands sweat. With Premium, you’re 100% guaranteed to pass.

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No classroom. No stress. Just results.

Unlock all 500+ exam-like questions

You have zero time and about a million responsibilities. If you’re going to take time away from your daily to-do’s to study for this exam, you need to be sure you’ll pass on the first try.

Updated for 2023

Don't study outdated materials. When your province updates its manuals, your program updates as well.

Exam Simulator

The authentic format mimics the experience of a real commercial knowledge exam, pulling questions at random from a vast database.

Revolutionary test-taking format

Study on the go, at work or in front of the TV

No more weeks wasted in crowded classrooms. Study smarter with a simple yet powerful program with rich and varied content, like images, audio, and Exam simulators.

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Rewire your brain for exam success

Don't just memorize. Understand.

Ever read a question and thought you knew the answer, only to get it wrong? We get it — your brain is trained to pick up familiar words. But exams have their own tricks: they use phrases like 'except,' 'all of the above,' or nuanced wording designed to trip you up. Rewire your brain and learn to spot those. Try this question:

Try me
If you are being tailgated, you should do all of the following EXCEPT
avoid tricks such as flashing your brake lights.
avoid quick changes.
increase your following distance.
speed up.
Let the tailgater pass you.
Don't try to speed up to outdistance or appease a tailgater. No speed is too fast for some tailgaters. Instead, increase your following distance and if possible, keep right to let the tailgater pass.

Built for busy people

Don’t have much time on your hands? Premium takes care of a lot of things for you, so you can focus. No classrooms, no downloads, no loading screens. It just works on all your devices!


Specific to . Always up-to-date


We’ll calculate your optimal study schedule


Instant completion reporting

Highly visual

Striking imagery helps visualize each situation


Digital cards will teach you everything about trucking

Cheat Sheets

Printable PDFs cover the trickiest questions


Challenge yourself: all questions in one exam

Night Mode

When your eyes need a much-needed break

Voice Over

Listen to questions instead of reading them

Pass Guarantee

Get 100% money back if you don’t pass

English & Spanish

Great when English isn’t your first language

All Commercial Classes

Covers all classes and all endorsements

Increase your earning potential and get more job opportunities

Companies are always looking for commercial drivers. Once you get your truck driver's licence, you'll have your pick of the best jobs in the industry.

Unlock all exam-like questions

Customers agree our questions are nearly identical to the real exam

Thousands of commercial drivers in Canada have used this program to get behind the wheel. See what they have to say:

"Passed fully in 3 days!"

“Honestly, I was not ready for my exam at all, I was looking on other websites, but they were not sufficient for me. Ran into this, was willing to take the risk and see how this site does, and I am glad I did, because 3 days later, I passed.”
Dylan Singh
Premium member

"Really tests what you thought you knew."

“It really tests what you thought you knew. I love how it gives you different sections that gradually get harder and then the full marathon which is so much fun.”
Brad A.
Premium member

"Helps pass the exam with ease."

“The tests are very carefully crafted and very intelligently designed. This helps the candidates pass the exam with ease.”
Harjit Sidhu
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"No joke, this thing is accurate."

“Just study with this every day for like 30 mins and when you write the actual one you'll be fine. Great site.”
Jaden Bediako
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"Great way to prepare for the knowledge test."

“Great way for me to prepare for the knowledge test. Friendly user interface and I especially love the challenge bank!”
Chimdi Azuike
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"It basically drilled the info into my head."

“This was awesome! It basically drilled the info into my head, I passed with only 4 errors in total. Test only took me 10 min (errors were probably made due to answering too fast) I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the first time.”
Shawn Amour
Premium member

"The study method is excellent."

“I am Brazilian and the traffic rules in Brazil are different from Canada. And as I enjoyed taking the free sample tests, I decided to buy the course. The study method is excellent and the site is super interactive.”
Pedro A.
Premium member

"The program is great and user friendly."

“I was struggling to remember all the signs and though I needed assistance in order to help me pass, that is when I googled and decided on premium, and it WORKED!! It is awesome to help you remember all the important information needed to pass!!”
Eugene S.
Premium member

"Helps you to develop real knowledge."

“I decided to purchase it because the tests are based on the actual government test, and the fact that you get the explanation when you are wrong, so it helps you to develop real knowledge not just memorize answers without really knowing why. I only used tests.ca and was a success. Just get it, it will make your life easier.”
Juan P.
Premium member

"I didn't like the idea of cramming a text book."

“I immediately bought premium after the first free tests. My test was the following morning, and I aced it. If you're lazy and want to pass, go get premium.”
Chadd H.
Premium member

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A handy grab-and-go PDF cheatsheet

This quick, printable PDF covers the trickiest questions you’re likely to see on the real exam.

Let us help you breeze through your truck driver's exams

Simple pricing, no hidden fees. You’ll walk out of the testing centre, feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test.

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All 500+ exam-like questions for
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When you can't leave anything to chance. One-time purchase, 90-day access.

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All 500+ exam-like questions for
40 realistic practice tests
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Unlimited Exam Simulators
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your first commercial licence/permit?
When you're just starting your career in commercial driving, you need an in-depth, well-structured and comprehensive study system so you can get a high-paying job and support your family. You want to fully learn the rules of the road, so you need a LOT of extra practice. If you've tried reading the trucking manual, you'll know that it's poorly organized, overly verbose and lacks the visual explanations. A guided program with a regularly updated question bank works much better for retention. Our ultra-affordable 30-day plan provides thirty full days of access and unlocks a huge set of exam-like materials that have helped over thousands of customers get behind the wheel. Choose it if you have at least several day to prepare, but would like to avoid the painful boredom of provincial manuals. We recommend that you keep the account active even after passing the official exam, as your employer might ask you to obtain more endorsements, for which you'll have to pass the appropriate knowledge tests.
Failed your exam before?
When you've been struggling to pass on your own and your previous attempt was unsuccessful, you need a different approach. Testing over this much information requires something that will help you retain the information better and won't leave you feeling desperately insecure. Choose the 30-day plan if you want to be over-prepared (in a good way) and to build confidence with increasing difficulty levels as you cover every topic you'll be tested on. You'll have full access to everything our program offers, including the tricky questions that no one really talks about. All kinds of nuanced differences are made clear and easy. You'll also go over the more difficult issues so you could memorize things like keeping distances between cars when driving and distances it takes to stop a commercial vehicle at certain speeds when driving. With our Pass Guarantee, you'll be sure to pass.
Adding one or more endorsements to your existing licence?
When your employer has asked you to get one or more additional endorsements, that's usually a good thing - it most likely means a better-paying job. Now you just need to pass the knowledge exam (which you probably haven't taken in years). Being an experienced driver, you don't have to start from scratch - all you need is a clearly laid-out refresher with the information specific to your new endorsement/-s. Our program covers them all! Choose the 30-day or the 90-day plan; both offer full access to our exam-like question database and will make sure you're fully prepared for the endorsement/-s you need, so you can get back to your life as soon as possible. If there's a chance that your employer might ask you to obtain more endorsements, we recommend that you get the longer plan.
Renewing your existing licence?
When your commercial licence is up for renewal (usually once every few years), it's time to get a refresher in order to keep it active. You probably haven't taken the written exam in years. When you've got a family that depends on you and a lot of other commitments, you don't have time to study the entire manual. Good news: being an experienced driver, you don't have to start from scratch - all you need is a clearly laid-out refresher with the information specific to your new endorsement/-s. Choose the 30-day plan; it offers full access to our exam-like question database and will make sure you're fully prepared so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.
How can you be sure that Premium will help you pass?
We know exactly what the examiners want. Tests.ca is the largest independent online driver education provider in Canada. Driving practice tests are all we do. We’re the ONLY specialized team dedicated entirely to driving tests: writers, researchers, and analysts who know what the testing centers want from applicants and how to teach it.

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