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Your patrons will prepare using exam-like questions based on official driver's manuals, vetted by driving experts, and seen on the official exam. is part of the network - the largest and most visited independent online driver education provider in North America. About the parent company →

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Specific to your province
Every question is based on your province's official driver's manual and traffic laws.
Updated for 2024
When your province or territory updates its manuals, your program will get updated as well.
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Exam Simulator mimics the experience of a real exam: random questions every time.

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Our main public website is ad-supported, and the visitors who go there from search engines do see ads. The revenue we receive from advertisers on our main site allows us to sponsor the ad-free library program for public, school and academic libraries in Canada. Your library users won't see ads when they come through the link from your website.

How the library program works

Library applies for the program

Application is reviewed by creates the program

Library receives a link to their program website.

Program goes live on library website

Library places the program link on their website.

Patrons use the program

Library patrons click the program link and access the program.

What's included

Our province-specific Canadian program can help your patrons prepare for their official driving knowledge exam online - for regular (car) and commercial driver's licence. The program covers both learner's permit and full adult licence.

  • 9 car practice tests
  • 16 commercial practice tests
  • All official driver's manuals
  • Answers to 100+ licence-related questions

Detailed explanations reveal the "why" behind every answer

For each question, you patrons will see an explanation of the right answer immediately after they choose an answer option. We’ve simplified the vague and complex language of driving rules so they can quickly master the concepts and answer the question correctly next time, no matter how it’s worded on the exam. Check out how this works…

Three cars arrive at an uncontrolled intersection. In what order can the cars proceed?
A, B, C
B, C, A
C, B, A
Some of the cars in this situation are turning onto new roads.
Cars on the through road have the right-of-way at T-intersections. Cars turning left must also yield until it is safe. Therefore, car B can go first, followed by car C, and then by car A.
You are traveling along the right lane of a four-lane highway. You see an emergency vehicle pulled over ahead with its lights flashing. What must you do here?
Slow down.
Change lanes if possible; otherwise, slow down.
Slow down; also change lanes if possible.
You must try to keep a safe distance wherever possible.
When you approach a stopped emergency vehicle or a tow truck with its flashing yellow lights on, you must move into a non-adjacent lane if possible and safe, leaving an empty lane between your vehicle and the stopped vehicle. If this is impossible (i.e., no other lanes in your direction) or unsafe, you must slow down instead. (Note: All provinces and territories now have their own Move Over Laws, but some of them require drivers to do different things.)
You are turning left into a driveway. What must you do before you proceed?
Yield to pedestrians.
Yield to traffic.
Yield to pedestrians and traffic.
Are you turning across anyone's path?
When you turn left, you must yield to all traffic until it is safe to proceed. You must also yield to pedestrians at all times.
Which of the following is true?
One driver must take the right-of-way and proceed first.
Car A must yield to its right.
Car B must yield to its left.
The car on the busier road has the right-of-way.
When two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection at about the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield.
When two cars arrive at an uncontrolled intersection or an all-way stop at about the same time, the car on the left must yield to its right. Here, Car A must yield to its right, and Car B has the right-of-way.
This hand signal means that the driver intends to
turn left.
turn right.
slow down.
Hand signals can communicate the same information as lighted turn and brake signals. They can communicate a driver's intention to turn, slow, or stop.
This driver is signaling a right turn.

Help your patrons better understand road situations with striking imagery

Pictures can often convey more information than long paragraphs. Instead of tedious and often cryptic textual descriptions, they'll see a clear image of the situation to better understand and remember.

What librarians are saying

We've just launched the program for Canada, but over 2,500 American libraries have been using its U.S. version for over six years. See what they have to say.

"The Wyoming State Library is happy to be one of over 2,000 libraries using, and we’re very excited for our patrons to have access to this free, anywhere driver education. It’s both effective and easy to use, which appeals to all ages interested in studying for their drivers’ tests."
Jamie Markus
State Librarian, Wyoming State Library
"We are delighted to be able to link to in the Michigan eLibrary. We promote it whenever we can. The best thing about the website is that young drivers are so digitally oriented that this mode of preparation encourages them to better prepare for this important exam."
Deb Renee Biggs
Library of Michigan/Michigan Dept. of Education
"It motivated my son to take them all so he would be better prepared over using the book alone. Teenage boys aren’t always interested in getting information through books, but respond well when they can get instant feedback. My son passed the test on the first try and told all of his friends at school about the program."
Susan Jeffery
Head Librarian, Cedarville Community Library, OH
"It is free and easily usable. My patrons love it, it is beneficial to young people and old people who are wanting to learn to drive."
Patricia Costello
"It's free and students can use it to help them be more successful the first time they take the test. I think it's easy to use and it gives feedback by telling you a score on a practice test."
Jeri Calcote
Poolville High School Library, TX
"What's the best thing about the driver's ed program? The easy availability of tests. No issues with logging in. A very thorough group of questions."
Teresa Tidwell
Director at Caruthersville Public Library, MO

Check out these reviews of the program made by other libraries

Even though we've just launched our Canadian program, 2,500+ American libraries have been using its U.S. version for over six years. Check out these handy video reviews they created for their patrons. Watch their videos below, or see these case studies: Brownsburg Public Library, Omaha Public Library.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I sign up?
After you sign up, we'll review your application and will send you a link to your library-branded driver education program. You'll need to place that link on your library website and let your users know. To use the program, they visit the link. There is no authentication of any kind: your users don't need to enter their library card number or create an account. We do not collect any personal information.
Example program: Program for Hamilton Public Library, Ontario
Do I need to install anything on the library web server?
No. The program is hosted on If you can add a link to your library website, you can take full advantage of everything this program has to offer.
How often are the materials updated?
We understand how important accuracy is, since we base our tests on driver’s licence manuals, so when manuals are updated, our questions get updated as well, normally within a week after the official government body. We constantly monitor provincial government websites and make certain that any test questions affected by a manual’s update are updated on our site and on all the library programs, too. We also update the free electronic copy of the state’s driver’s licence manuals included in your program.
What other libraries are using this driver education program?
We currently serve 91 libraries in Ontario and over 2,500 libraries across the United States, including 5 state libraries. Some U.S. libraries have been using this free program for over six years. Nebraska Libraries Case Study, Brownsburg Public Library Case Study
Do you collect any sensitive information about our patrons?
Since we do not require the library program visitor to create an account, we do not collect any personal information.
How many patrons can access the program simultaneously?
There is no limit.
Do you provide usage reports?
Yes. You will receive password-protected access to detailed usage reports once you have announced the program on your library website. Usage report example
I have another question not answered above.
Please contact us directly at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-392-2170. We'll be happy to help!

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