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Alberta Class 1 Licence Test 4 2024 | AB

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 AB commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
Thinking of driving a heavy commercial vehicle in Alberta? Your first major step is acing Alberta's Class 1 Licence Test. Our practice test, updated for May 2024, offers you a 50-question drill to prepare rigorously. The test covers topics from the official 2024 Alberta commercial driver's manual, such as emergency equipment use, air brake systems, and vehicle inspections. It's essential to know that the real exam requires an 80% passing score, equating to getting at least 80% of 50 questions right. Pro tip: Alberta's transportation industry is booming; Class 1 drivers are increasingly in demand. Don't miss this wave—get your Class 1 license now!
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • First-time AB commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • AB commercial license renewal applicants

AB Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official AB Commercial Driving Handbook.

Read online or download

List of questions (classic view)

  1. What does the term "total stopping distance" mean?
  2. How long should you retain a copy of each daily log along with supporting documents?
  3. Which statement is false regarding mandatory requirements?
  4. What plan governs driver training responsibilities, behaviour, and discipline?
  5. If a carrier fails to maintain a written maintenance and inspection program covering all registered vehicles, what is the possible outcome?
  6. What is the main objective of a daily trip inspection?
  7. When is it permissible for a driver to keep driving with a minor defect listed on an inspection schedule?
  8. The carrier's Safety Plan should cover matters regarding the secure use and operation of commercial vehicles. What is not included in it?
  9. In a vehicle with an air brake system, what device initiates the brakes with air pressure?
  10. Why was the hours-of-service legislation introduced?
  11. What does lag time refer to in the context of braking in a vehicle equipped with air brakes?
  12. What is the phenomenon when the rear tires in non-steerable rear axle vehicles follow a different route than the front during a turn?
  13. What is the purpose of inspection reports in the transportation industry?
  14. What are the consequences of not properly maintaining or aligning one or more brakes?
  15. In which part of your daily vehicle checkup do you need another person's assistance?
  16. What dimensions should the square blocks used for parking have at a minimum?
  17. For federally regulated carriers that operate one or more vehicles outside of their home province, upon which vehicles must they complete trip inspection reports?
  18. What's the maximum permissible height of a commercial vehicle from the ground surface?
  19. What is the minimum tread depth a steering axle tire must have on a commercial vehicle?
  20. Which of the following does not affect a vehicle's braking time?
  21. Why is a post-trip inspection recommended at the end of a workday?
  22. What's the maximum allowed length for a straight truck?
  23. When driving a large vehicle, how can you make a right turn onto a narrow road safely without overrunning the curb?
  24. In the daily walk-around inspection, what filter under the hood should you check?
  25. If you have only one chock while chocking a vehicle, where should it be placed?
  26. In a vehicle inspection at a rest and check stop, which of the following checks is incorrect?
  27. While executing a curve in a large commercial vehicle, how does the centrifugal force influence the vehicle's motion?
  28. Why should you make a wide turn when making a left turn in a large vehicle?
  29. What's the best steering method for making turns in a larger commercial vehicle?
  30. Where should you position the vehicle when stopping at an Enroute check stop?
  31. How should you adjust your braking force when trying to stop a heavy commercial vehicle?
  32. When you're parking along the road, what's the maximum distance from the curb that is permissible by law?
  33. Which of the following is false about scheduling an Enroute check stop inspection?
  34. When doing the daily walk-around, what are you checking for under the front of the vehicle on the ground?
  35. What's the minimum safe following distance between a large vehicle and a passenger vehicle?
  36. What's the maximum allowable air system leakage during a trip air-brake inspection for power units?
  37. A commercial vehicle needs to add clearance lights when it reaches what width?
  38. What is the maximum permitted width of a commercial vehicle?
  39. When conducting an air-brake inspection of the supply circuit, what should be the ideal idle speed in rpm?
  40. Which of these is not required for the daily inspection?
  41. What safety protocol should be followed prior to reversing a tractor-trailer?
  42. Correct fuel grade and type can boost the fuel economy by what percentage?
  43. During the daily walk-around inspection of a vehicle equipped with air brakes, what is not mandatory to check?
  44. A carrier makes their drivers follow either cycle 1 or 2. What's the on-duty time frame for cycle 1?
  45. With cargo hanging off the back of the trailer, what precaution should drivers take before turning?
  46. What circumstance does not influence a vehicle's grip?
  47. When hitching a tractor-trailer without spring brakes on at least one axle, what adjustment should be made?
  48. Which is not a symptom of fatigue in drivers?
  49. If the vehicle breaks down in the dark outside an urban area, where should the approved warning device be placed?
  50. Which fact about truck engine idling is correct?