Increase Your Chances of Passing the Canadian Driving Knowledge Test

Free driving practice tests that are just like the real thing

More effective
than the Driver's Guide alone

Did you know that 5 out of 10 Canadians (this number is even higher in some provinces) fail their driving knowledge test the first time they take it? increases your chances of passing the knowledge portion of the driving test. Take our free practice tests as many times as you need to – until you're ready to take the real thing. Updated for 2019

Based on your province's laws

Province-specific questions

The traffic laws in each Canadian province are slightly different, so you'll want to prepare using accurate, up-to-date questions that are based on your province's official Driver's Guide. To make sure our practice tests are similar (often identical) to those you'll see on your actual test, we take facts directly from the handbook.

Know what to expect

Just like the real thing

Our practice quizzes are structured just like the actual knowledge test for your province, so you'll know what to expect on the big test day. Stay motivated with little suggestions or compliments that encourage you to study more. When the time comes, you'll be ready.

More effective than the Driver's Guide

Study at a much faster pace

The official Driver's Guide isn’t written to promote rapid learning. There are just too many things to remember all at once. Study at a much faster pace by taking challenging tests that correct you in real time, explain any wrong answers, and even praise you for being right.

Study smarter

Challenge Bank

See the correct answer for each question immediately, along with detailed rationales so you can understand why that answer is correct. Retest on the questions you struggled with and learn from your mistakes in the Challenge Bank, a test automatically made up of your missed questions so you can focus on getting those questions right.

  • Based on the 2019 Driver's Guide
  • Questions just like the actual ones
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What our users are saying



A lot better than the book. I failed my driving test more than 10 times so far and after taking the online practice test I feel more confident that I will pass the G1 road test.

Kat Deinla


These tests were great considering that some people might not have the most up-to-date handbook. It gives you the right answer right away so you don’t remember the wrong ones and having to go back and check.


British Columbia

These made me feel SO much more prepared than any other online tests did!