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BC Class 1 Commercial Licence Practice Test 4

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 BC commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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BC commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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What you need to know
Looking to drive semi-truck trailers, large straight body trucks, or heavy commercial equipment like mixer trucks and dump trucks in British Columbia? Or maybe an ambulance, a tow truck, a taxi, or a limousine? This practice test will help you prepare for your Class 1 commercial licence knowledge exam. Each Class 1 licence applicant needs to be 19 years old to apply. To get your learner's licence, you'll need to pass a general knowledge test, a road signs test, and meet medical standards. This practice test contains 50 questions based on the official commercial driver's handbook. You'll get a hint and a detailed explanation for each question to help you better understand and remember the underlying rule.
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List of questions (classic view)
  1. What should you do to prevent a vehicle fire?
  2. If your brakes get wet, what should you do?
  3. How can you ensure smooth braking of a large commercial vehicle?
  4. To qualify for a commercial driver’s licence in British Columbia, you must meet which of the following requirements?
  5. If another driver wants to pass your vehicle, what should you do?
  6. To obtain an air brake endorsement in British Columbia, you must do which of the following?
  7. Just before your vehicle comes to a full stop, you should __________ to prevent your vehicle from jerking back.
  8. To obtain a commercial driver’s licence, which of the following are required?
  9. According to the British Columbia Driving Commercial Vehicles Manual, torque is
  10. Travelling as a passenger to a place where you will start working as a driver counts as on-duty time if
  11. If tire tread damage is longer than _______, the tire should be considered defective.
  12. What should you do if a long downgrade is ahead?
  13. For any coupling device other than a fifth wheel, the drawbar or other connection between the motor vehicle and the trailer may not be longer than _______ unless you’re towing a pole trailer.
  14. Unless your vehicle has antilock brakes (ABS), using light brake pressure on an icy road will
  15. If your vehicle is going to transport logs, which of the following are true?
  16. Vehicles carrying cargo must meet which of the following requirements?
  17. When are water-cooled brakes used?
  18. Before you may obtain a Class 1, 2, or 4 driver’s licence, you must be at least ____ years old.
  19. What are the consequences if you exceed your maximum on-duty hours and a peace officer stops you?
  20. What special problems does transporting livestock present?
  21. What are the main components of a simple, basic air brake system?
  22. Before you may apply for a commercial driver’s licence, you must already hold which class of driver's licence?
  23. What determines which truck should use a turnout on a narrow road?
  24. What is an advantage of automatic slack adjusters?
  25. Which of the following are advantages of a dual air brake system?
  26. What are the articulation points of a truck?
  27. You may be fined as much as _______ for driving a vehicle whose brakes are out of adjustment.
  28. Where is a single-unit (straight) truck’s central weight distribution point?
  29. What is a rough guide for spacing tiedowns to secure your load?
  30. You must perform an en-route inspection of your vehicle's cargo securement system at least once every
  31. If a peace officer asks for your logbook and supporting documents, what documents should you provide?
  32. You're driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes. If the low air pressure warning signal comes on, what should you do?
  33. If an air line ruptures between the compressor and the supply reservoir, what will prevent loss of air pressure in the service brake system?
  34. Before you couple your tractor to a trailer, which of the following items should you check?
  35. Which of the following factors determine the sharpness of your large vehicle’s turn?
  36. What is the air brake endorsement for industrial roads called?
  37. What is the wheelbase of a vehicle?
  38. When a school bus driver turns on the bus’s alternating flashing red lights, other drivers must
  39. When a tire is underinflated,
  40. When approaching an intersection at which you intend to turn, you should
  41. How can you ensure your safety while driving through construction zones?
  42. What action can help minimize your danger zone while driving?
  43. What is the suggested safe following distance when driving large vehicles like buses and trucks at highway speeds?
  44. What should drivers do continuously if their danger zone becomes occupied?
  45. Under what conditions is an engine retarder considered more efficient?
  46. To perform an emergency stop with ABS brakes, you should
  47. What is the optimal operating temperature for most brake components?
  48. Does the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in your vehicle help you come to a stop sooner?
  49. What should you do if you can't keep up with the traffic flow?
  50. What is the purpose of a runaway lane?