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British Columbia Class 3 Licence Test 7 2024 | BC

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 BC commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
Getting ready to drive a heavy truck (a truck with more than two axes) in British Columbia? You'll need a Class 3 commercial driver's licence. The transportation industry in BC is booming, so now is a great time: heavy truck drivers are in high demand. As a Class 3 licenced commercial driver, you can work for a trucking company as an employee, or for yourself as an owner-operator. But in order to drive one of the largest vehicles on the road, you must first learn to drive carefully and safely. So before you can get your Class 3 licence, you must pass both a written and a practical test. The written test (also known as the British Columbia Class 3 truck driver's knowledge exam) has several multiple-choice questions. This 50-question Class 3 practice test is a great way to prepare: all of our questions are based on the official 2024 BC commercial driver's manual. As you answer the questions, we recommend checking the explanations to gain some further insight into the rule behind it. Good luck and drive safely!
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • First-time BC commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • BC commercial license renewal applicants

BC Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official BC Commercial Driving Handbook.

Read online or download

List of questions (classic view)

  1. In an air brake system, what does a governor do?
  2. Where are the air brake chambers located?
  3. In an air brake system, what is brake lag time?
  4. When must you chock the wheels of your stopped vehicle?
  5. If your vehicle is equipped with antilock brakes (ABS), how should you brake in an emergency?
  6. The low air pressure warning device needs to be replaced or adjusted if it does not activate at a minimum level of
  7. When can your vehicle be inspected on a highway?
  8. When is an engine retarder most efficient?
  9. In an air brake system, spring brakes are intended for
  10. What does a driver need to transport dangerous goods?
  11. What does this sign mean?
  12. Which of the following are normal responses from an antilock braking system (ABS)?
  13. Who is allowed to refuel a truck hauling propane?
  14. What does this sign mean?
  15. At vehicle inspection stations, axles are inspected for
  16. In a vehicle equipped with air brakes, if the air pressure drops below ________, the spring brakes will begin to apply.
  17. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?
  18. Your vehicle is equipped with air brakes. To make sure the air tanks are securely attached to the vehicle, you should
  19. What does this sign mean?
  20. A construction worker is holding up a sign with these two sides. What do they mean?
  21. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)?
  22. What does this sign mean?
  23. After loading a dump truck, what must you do before moving the vehicle?
  24. Before inspecting your air brakes, you should
  25. The braking distance of a tractor-trailer is roughly ________ as the braking distance of a car.
  26. What is the best way to dry out your brakes after you've driven through water?
  27. Your vehicle is equipped with air brakes. If the outer layer of an air line is damaged, but the inner tube is still OK, what should you do?
  28. Which parties are responsible for ensuring the correct and compliant weight of a shipment?
  29. What does this sign mean?
  30. When must a carrier check your driving record?
  31. What does this sign mean?
  32. Compared with the service tanks, how much moisture should the supply tank discharge?
  33. As a commercial driver, you are expected to practice
  34. In your daily log, you must record which of the following?
  35. When brakes become overheated, they also become
  36. The maximum length for a straight truck without a special permit is
  37. A commercial vehicle may not be taller than _________ unless a special oversize permit is obtained.
  38. Hours of service regulations let a driver choose one of two cycles
  39. In a vehicle equipped with air brakes, differently sized brake chambers on opposite sides of the same axle can cause
  40. When inspecting the brake chambers in a vehicle equipped with air brakes, you should check for which of the following?
  41. What is the wheelbase of a vehicle?
  42. What does this sign mean?
  43. What does this sign mean?
  44. What does this sign mean?
  45. What does this sign tell you about the road ahead?
  46. You're driving on a curve to the left. How can you ensure that your rear wheels stay in your lane?
  47. What is a commercial vehicle's danger zone?
  48. What does this sign mean?
  49. Every professional driver must take at least ________ off duty every day.
  50. With a Class 3 driver's licence, you may tow trailers that weigh more than ________ only if neither the trailer nor your truck has air brakes.