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    FREE M1 Motorcycle Marathon 2023 | ON

    4.8 out of 5 • 5 votes.
    Based on 2023 ON motorcycle operator manual Instant feedback
    This M1 Motorcycle Marathon is designed to give you more practice with questions related to riding a motorcycle in Ontario. It contains questions from all other practice tests, but with a twist: it'll cycle through them until you've answered each of them correctly. If you make a mistake, we'll surface that question once again at a later point. The Marathon will only stop when you've completed every single question.

    What to expect on the actual ON exam:

    • 24+20+20 questions
    • 19+16+16 correct answers to pass
    • 80% passing score

    List of questions (classic view)

    1. Which of the following will affect motorcycle riders more than four-wheel vehicle drivers?
    2. Which of the following is most useful to the motorcycle rider to help him/her maintain balance?
    3. When a motorcycle bounces, the motorcycle rider can be protected from immediate danger by
    4. Perfect balance can be maintained by motorcycle riders by holding the knees firmly against the gas tank while
    5. How much stopping power is provided by the rear brake?
    6. If a motorcycle rider wishes to stop his/her vehicle, while stopping, s/he must watch for traffic
    7. When a motorcycle rider wants to turn while moving faster than 25 km/h, s/he must use the
    8. Which of the following actions can save a motorcycle rider's life when s/he wants to change lanes, position within a lane, or before turning off the roadway?
    9. The three principles used when braking hard in a turn are
    10. Incorrect use of gears can result in accidents when
    11. To make a safe turn, the motorcyclist must
    12. When entering a curve, you should
    13. The motorcycle rider must use the following for correct stopping
    14. Which is a safer gear to use while going down a hill?
    15. A large seat and separate footrests are required on the motorcycle for
    16. The area slightly to the left or the right of the centre of the lane is called the
    17. Alcohol can impair the driver's ability to
    18. For safe driving on the road, a driver must do the following
    19. Motorcycle riders must not ride their vehicles
    20. High speed wobble for a motorcycle can be prevented
    21. While making a turn, the passenger on a motorcycle must
    22. The taillights of other vehicles are useful to motorists
    23. When a motorist reaches a through intersection where s/he may not need to stop, s/he must
    24. Which of the following three documents are required for motorcycle riders in Ontario?
    25. What should the driver do when the motorcycle chain locks the rear wheel?
    26. One of the causes of collisions at intersections is a vehicle making a left turn across your path. To cut down your chances of being hit,
    27. Class M1 licensed motorcyclists driving at night should do the following to prevent accidents
    28. The motorcyclist should avoid driving in which part of the lane when it is raining?
    29. To protect the face and eyes from flying material, the motorcyclist should wear
    30. In which of the following situations will the motorcycle rider need to shift his/her weight to the rear end?
    31. What is the purpose of using a helmet while riding a motorcycle?
    32. Motorcycle riders must maintain the following distance from other vehicles
    33. If you are a fully licensed driver 21 years of age and over and if you register a BAC ____ , you will receive an immediate three-day licence suspension for a first offence.
    34. To keep a motorcycle in good working condition, what formula must be followed by the driver every day?
    35. The minimum age limit for applicants of a motorcycle driving licence is
    36. When a motorcycle rider approaches a railway crossing and the signal lights are flashing, what should s/he do?
    37. Motorcycle riders must give the right-of-way to
    38. When a motorcycle rider wishes to enter a highway, s/he must
    39. The motorcycle rider must check his/her mirrors every
    40. Due to excessive sand and gravel, the motorcycle rider must not drive