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Ask Driving Genie AI

    YT Air Brake Test 3 2023

    5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
    Based on 2023 YT commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback

    Driving a commercial vehicle is very different from driving a car. Trucks have different controls and different blind spots. As a commercial vehicle operator, you must travel long distances and face a variety of traffic and weather conditions. You must also be prepared to deal with emergencies such as fires and collisions. Before you can get your commercial driver’s licence in Yukon, you must study and practice to learn to drive carefully and safely. To get your commercial driver’s licence, you must pass both a written and a practical test. The written test (also known as the truck driver’s licence knowledge exam) has several multiple-choice questions. If you are looking for a practice test before taking the commercial driver’s licence knowledge test, this is the place. This practice test will help you prepare. Please note that this is a sample test and does not replace the official truck driver’s knowledge exam. There are 50 questions with hints and explanations of the correct answer. All questions are based on the official 2023 YT commercial driver’s manual. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Good luck!

    Perfect for:

    • First-time YT commercial license applicants
    • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
    • YT commercial license renewal applicants

    YT Commercial Driving Handbook

    View the most recent (2023) official YT Commercial Driving Handbook.

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    List of questions (classic view)

    1. The air compressor should be inspected only when
    2. For the air brake inspection, what do you check first?
    3. In an S-cam drum brake, which of the following is connected to the brake spider?
    4. A brake shoe is not a part of
    5. Brake chambers are found on
    6. It does not matter if a small amount of oil is discovered during drainage of
    7. Compressed air from the air compressor first goes to the
    8. Compressed air exhaust is
    9. Compressed air entering the brake chambers applies
    10. Evacuating air from the brake chambers will apply
    11. A brake lining that has become contaminated with oil or grease indicates a problem with the
    12. An air line shows signs of wear from rubbing, but there are no leaks because the inner tube is still in good shape. What should you do?
    13. An alcohol evaporator or air dryer can
    14. Which tank is likely to collect the most moisture?
    15. Your vehicle will fail the air tank drain valve test if
    16. There is a split-second delay in activation of _________. There is no delay in activation of _________.
    17. The braking system converts the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle into
    18. When you drain the air tanks, which tank should you drain first?
    19. What is the purpose of the governor?
    20. The air compressor is powered by the
    21. Air pressure monitoring gauges are located on the _________ of the vehicle.
    22. The pushrod stroke occurs when compressed air enters
    23. When you press the brake pedal, the valve underneath the brake pedal ________ to apply the service brakes.
    24. Which of the following is part of a disc brake?
    25. If the low air pressure warning signal comes on, what should you do?
    26. In which of the following situations should a spring parking brake chamber be caged?
    27. In a tractor-trailer, an anti-compounding valve is connected to
    28. In Canada, automatic slack adjusters have been installed on trucks and trailers manufactured since
    29. When you use the free stroke (pry bar) method, the pushrod should not move more than
    30. If your vehicle is equipped with automatic slack adjusters, why must you fully apply the service brakes regularly?
    31. What function does the alcohol evaporator perform?
    32. To inspect an air brake system, you should wear
    33. When must you chock the wheels of your stopped vehicle?
    34. Finding a small bit of oil during an inspection is NOT serious if it's coming from
    35. When inspecting the brake chambers, you should check for which of the following?
    36. Cut-in pressure must never be lower than
    37. What colour is the parking brake control button?
    38. In an air brake system, spring brakes are intended for
    39. The pushrod stroke occurs when compressed air enters the
    40. In an air brake system, what does a governor do?
    41. What could result from improperly adjusted brakes on one or two wheels of a vehicle?
    42. What influences the distance needed to bring a vehicle to a complete stop?
    43. What is the device that provides compressed air in a brake system known as?
    44. What is a common device used to obtain a mechanical advantage in braking systems?
    45. If a vehicle's compressor is belt-driven, what should you inspect the belts for?
    46. What term is used to denote air that has been forced into a smaller space?
    47. What is transmitted through an air brake system using compressed air?
    48. Where does the heat generated from the friction between brake drums and linings go?
    49. Which statement is untrue about the stopping distance?
    50. In an air brake system, what does the unloading stage signify?