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AB Air Brake Test 8

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 AB commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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AB commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
2 votes

About this test

Alberta's landscapes can be as diverse as they are beautiful. From the open plains to bustling urban centers like Calgary, a commercial driver needs to be prepared. Test 8 is designed to deepen your understanding of air brake systems. This 50-question practice test will help you get there. Keep in mind; Alberta's road conditions can change rapidly, especially during winter. This 2024 updated practice test is all about making sure you're prepared, based on the Alberta commercial driver's manual.

List of questions (classic view)

  1. Polarized gladhands on a tractor
  2. ln vehicles with three dash-mounted push-pull valve buttons, how are the valve buttons usually coloured?
  3. If a vehicle lacks brake stroke indicators, what must be done?
  4. Adjusting the manual slack adjusters incorrectly can result in what outcome?
  5. While adjusting the manual slack adjusters, how can you confirm the right wrench rotation?
  6. Which statement is not true when it comes to safely operating a 'bobtailed' tractor?
  7. What is the ideal re-adjustment specification for slack adjusters?
  8. Which of the following will not aid drivers in braking smoothly?
  9. When braking with a 'bobtailed' tractor, where does the weight shift toward?
  10. If the slack adjuster has a square adjusting bolt, what type of wrench is required?
  11. Why should the rotors of air disc brakes be regularly inspected?
  12. The term 'bobtailing' refers to what kind of operation?
  13. How much adjustment is involved with slack adjusters other than the Meritor?
  14. If S-cam brakes are correctly adjusted and applied, which statement is false?
  15. Which statement is incorrect when brakes are adjusted improperly?
  16. Upon preparing the vehicle for examining the brake adjustment, what should be the air pressure range?
  17. When should automatic slack adjusters be adjusted?
  18. What role do auxiliary retarders play in vehicle operation?
  19. What wrench type is necessary for a slack adjuster with a hexagonal adjuster?
  20. Automatic slack adjusters use which of the following methods to automatically adjust pushrod stroke?
  21. With the free stroke measurement method, pushrod travel on a typical Type 30 brake chamber should not exceed
  22. When you're measuring pushrod stroke with the applied stroke methodology, which statement is false?
  23. On all automatic slack adjusters, the brake system is adjusted accurately if…
  24. What's the function of a brake drum?
  25. In essence, what is the function of engine retarders?
  26. By what trait are Meritor slack adjusters identifiable?
  27. With the S-cam brakes incorrectly regulated and applied, which assertion is false?
  28. To what extent should one back off when regulating manual slack adjusters?
  29. When adjusting manual slack adjusters, how deeply does the locking sleeve need to be pressed?
  30. What potential issue may arise while applying brakes on combination vehicles?
  31. What condition is signified by a consistent ABS dashboard light?
  32. At which point do air brakes produce the maximum continuous heat?
  33. What is the primary cause of nearly all brake failures and runaway crashes?
  34. Pertaining to ABS, which statement is not correct?
  35. When utilizing tire chains, what is discouraged?
  36. If the brakes of an empty semi-trailer receive the same amount of application air pressure as the tractor's drive wheel brakes, what can occur?
  37. What is the largest challenge for combination units that results in loss of brake balance?
  38. To brake safely with ABS, which action should be avoided?
  39. When should the driver examine the ABS light on the trailer?
  40. What is the function of Automatic Traction Control (ATC)?
  41. What does an Electric Driveline Retarder do?
  42. When descending unfamiliar slopes, which claim is untrue?
  43. What do exhaust retarders essentially achieve?
  44. ABS brakes equipped trailers have an ABS warning light. Where is this light positioned?
  45. When are auxiliary retarders most effective?
  46. If the vehicle's speed increases on a downhill slope, what should you avoid doing?
  47. If you come across a significant amount of water on the road, what should you avoid doing?
  48. What does a blinking ABS dashboard light represent?
  49. While braking on frozen roads, what action is not advised?
  50. What is the function of ABS brakes?
  51. What is another term for a jackknife incident?
  52. What adverse effect can water in the brake drums result in?