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MB General Knowledge Test 2

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 MB commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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MB commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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What you need to know

A commercial truck driver’s licence is required to drive any commercial vehicle in Manitoba. There are two types of driving jobs available: owner-operator and employee. If you plan on running your own business or becoming a driver-for-hire, you will need a truck driver’s licence. To receive a trucking licence, you will have to pass two exams: a commercial knowledge exam with multiple-choice questions and a road test, which will test your general driving skills. To help you study for the knowledge test, we have prepared this second practice exam with 50 questions to test your knowledge of driving large vehicles in Manitoba. We encourage you to read the hints and explanations provided and check out our sources. You will notice that the questions are slightly more difficult. This is because they start to examine some of the more technical definitions and concepts found in the official 2024 MB commercial driver’s manual. Once you have studied these questions, giving another truck driver practice test a try may be a good idea. Good luck!

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List of questions (classic view)
  1. A driver cannot drive more than _______ in a day.
  2. A driver must have _______ of off-duty time in a day.
  3. A driver must have ________ of off-duty time in a day.
  4. Besides the consecutive hours of off-duty time, the remaining off-duty time must be distributed in blocks of at least ________ each.
  5. After _______ have elapsed from the end of the most recent period of consecutive hours of off-duty time, the driver must take more consecutive hours of off-duty time.
  6. If the driver defers some off-duty time to the following day, his or her total driving time in 2 days must not exceed
  7. The maximum on-duty time for a seven-day cycle is
  8. The maximum on-duty time for a 14-day cycle is
  9. Who must ensure that each driver follows either a seven-day cycle or a 14-day cycle?
  10. To reset a seven-day cycle back to zero, the driver must take ____ consecutive hours off duty.
  11. To reset a 14-day cycle back to zero, the driver must take ____ consecutive hours off duty.
  12. If you encounter unexpectedly adverse driving conditions while driving, you may increase your daily driving time by
  13. You must sign the completed logbook
  14. A fatigued, tired or sleepy driver is
  15. If other drivers annoy you on the road, what should you do?
  16. In Ontario, when passing a cyclist, you must leave at least _______ of space between your vehicle and the cyclist.
  17. People in motorized wheelchairs or on medical scooters should be treated as
  18. If you feel drowsy, sleepy or fatigued, what should you do?
  19. Bluffing is
  20. In Ontario, using a handheld communication device while you're driving is
  21. What colours are the flashing lights on emergency vehicles?
  22. If two vehicles approach a four-way stop at about the same time, which vehicle has the right-of-way?
  23. What is the typical duration of a licence suspension for the second offense of impaired driving in Manitoba?
  24. Which of the following actions does not help in saving fuel and reducing wear and tear on your vehicle?
  25. You will receive a three-month Administrative Licence Suspension for which of these offences?
  26. At what distance from oncoming vehicles must you dim your headlights?
  27. Due to the presence of an airbag, your seat should be at least how far away from the steering wheel?
  28. Why should you avoid letting out the clutch too slowly or just enough to hold the vehicle from rolling back on a hill?
  29. What does the term 'micro sleep' mean in the context of tired drivers?
  30. If your vehicle breaks down on a non-divided roadway, you should place reflectors in all these locations EXCEPT
  31. Which sanction is not likely to result from a conviction of impaired driving?
  32. Approximately what proportion of all fatal collisions involving heavy trucks is attributed to driver fatigue?
  33. What is the suspension period for a first offense of driving impaired with a person under 16 in the vehicle in Manitoba?
  34. In Manitoba, driving while your licence is suspended can result in all these consequences EXCEPT
  35. Drivers and passengers in the cab or the sleeper berth must wear a seatbelt UNLESS
  36. What does ASD stand for in the context of checking blood alcohol content?
  37. If you are caught driving while your licence is suspended or you're prohibited from driving, your vehicle will be impounded for at least
  38. What is the length of a Tiered Administrative Licence Suspension for a first offence of driving with a blood alcohol concentration between 0.05 and 0.79?
  39. When a vehicle becomes inoperative on a divided highway, where should you NOT place a reflector?
  40. When we say a driver is experiencing 'highway hypnosis', what does it mean?
  41. Which of these is NOT a good way to help prevent fires?
  42. How far ahead should your low beam headlights allow you to see objects, while not blinding oncoming drivers?
  43. When should you not use your vehicle's low beam headlights?
  44. What's the correct way to accelerate a vehicle according to driving lessons?
  45. If you've received at least two Tiered Administrative Licence Suspensions in a 10-year period, you will face which of the following penalties?
  46. Where should your hands be positioned on the steering wheel for optimal control?
  47. What is a clutch brake and when is it used?
  48. What is the usual licence suspension period for a third offence of impaired driving?
  49. Any bus or truck with a gross vehicle weight of at least _______ must carry three reflective triangles.
  50. To save fuel when starting your truck, you should NOT
  51. If you register a "warn" on an ASD (Approved Screening Device) for the first time, you may face all these penalties EXCEPT
  52. How many levels does receiving a Tiered Administrative Licence Suspension lower your Driver Safety Rating?