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Alberta Class 4 Licence Test 3 2024 | AB

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 AB commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
Step up to the challenge of becoming a professional driver in Alberta with our extensive Class 4 Licence Test 3, tailored for 2024. Featuring 50 curated questions, our test reflects the most current guidelines and no longer requires a separate road test. Before taking the test, ensure you've read through the Commercial Driver’s Guide and are familiar with the general driving concepts from the Driver’s Guide. Our practice test focuses on the knowledge areas that matter most, including rules for passenger safety and legal requirements for vulnerable populations. Aim for a perfect score to surpass the 25/30 passing mark, and you can sit for the test any day at a local registry agent. The test is in English only, with a $17 fee, and no appointment is needed. Prepare now and take the next step in your driving career!
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • First-time AB commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • AB commercial license renewal applicants

AB Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official AB Commercial Driving Handbook.

Read online or download

List of questions (classic view)

  1. When you are following a motorcycle, allow extra space between your vehicle and the motorcycle because
  2. What should you do if your headlights fail?
  3. What is the best way to ensure that there are no vehicles or cyclists in your blind spot?
  4. What does this sign mean?
  5. When another vehicle is merging into your lane from the right, you should
  6. In an urban area such as a village, town or city, are you allowed to back up into an intersection or crosswalk?
  7. If you are involved in a collision,
  8. You enter a curve and due to wet conditions your vehicle starts to skid. What should you do to control it?
  9. Turning right from one two-way road into another, from where should you begin your turn?
  10. When driving behind a large commercial vehicle, you must make sure that you can see
  11. In hydroplaning,
  12. Funeral processions have right-of-way over you…?
  13. When can you drive side by side with a motorcycle in one lane?
  14. Parking is prohibited within 5 (five) metres of
  15. An octagonal (eight-sided) red sign is
  16. How is a traffic circle different from a roundabout?
  17. To recover from a skid, you should
  18. Uncontrolled intersections
  19. When you are preparing to make a right turn from the right lane, you should shoulder check to the right to make sure
  20. What legal documents are all drivers required to have when operating a vehicle?
  21. If your vehicle breaks down on the freeway, you should
  22. Overdriving your headlights at night is dangerous because
  23. In Alberta, are you allowed to exceed the speed limit to pass another vehicle?
  24. During winter months, you should carry ________ in your vehicle.
  25. Are you likely to pass a breath test for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after you've consumed just one standard alcoholic drink?
  26. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit on a provincial highway located outside an urban area is
  27. What does this sign mean?
  28. What does this sign mean?
  29. What does this sign mean?
  30. What does this road sign mean?
  31. This hand signal indicates that the driver intends to
  32. What method is following when you quickly apply the brakes without locking the wheels?
  33. When parking, you should stay at least _______ from any drive path or garage.
  34. If you're parking on a highway, your parked vehicle needs to be visible from how far on both ends?
  35. How far before a turn should you ideally be in the turning lane?
  36. You should switch to low-beam headlights when oncoming traffic is within what distance?
  37. How far should you look ahead of your vehicle?
  38. How often should you check your rearview mirror?
  39. What is the minimum distance you should stop from a school bus?
  40. A vehicle that is wider than _______ is required to have clearance lights.
  41. How far must you abstain from parking from a yield or stop sign, or a crosswalk?
  42. What vehicles are Class 1 drivers in Alberta permitted to operate?
  43. What types of vehicles may a Class 2 driver in Alberta operate?
  44. What can a Class 3 license holder in Alberta operate?
  45. In Alberta, what can a driver with a Class 4 license operate?
  46. What vehicle doesn't require an air brake endorsement to operate in Alberta?
  47. When the bus is moving, it is the driver's responsibility to make sure all passengers are
  48. The time it takes for a commercial vehicle to stop is affected by
  49. Under ideal conditions, commercial vehicles must maintain a minimum ______ following distance between them and a vehicle ahead.
  50. Which of these is NOT a good rule to improve the safety of your passengers?
  51. You must evacuate the passengers if
  52. What are the four factors that affect the stopping distance of a commercial vehicle?
  53. What should the driver of an emergency vehicle do after arriving at the scene of an emergency?
  54. When driving an emergency vehicle on a four-lane highway with the vehicle's lights and siren activated, you should be
  55. When should a school bus driver activate the bus's strobe light?