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BC Air Brake Test 8

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 BC commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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BC commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
1 votes

About this test

Driving through B.C. requires quick reflexes and sound judgment—especially when you're in control of a commercial vehicle with air brakes. Use this test with 50 questions to refine your knowledge and skills before the official test. It's aligned with the 2024 BC commercial driver's manual.

List of questions (classic view)

  1. Can the foot control valve maintain the application pressure that you've selected, even if there is a small leak downstream from the foot valve?
  2. In some older vehicles, a device called ________ located near the top of the windshield will drop into the driver's view when air pressure drops below 60 psi.
  3. Where is the relay valve typically located in an air brake system?
  4. Under which circumstance should caging of the park brake actually be undertaken?
  5. What function does a quick release valve perform?
  6. Which reservoir is most likely to hold the most contaminants in an air brake system?
  7. What does it mean to compound air brakes?
  8. In vehicles with air brake systems, two types of mechanical parking brakes are the spring brake and the
  9. What alternative term is used for a drain valve in an air brake system?
  10. In a dual air brake system, which section is triggered first when the brakes are applied?
  11. How frequently should you drain the reservoirs in an air brake system?
  12. Generally, where is the low-air warning device linked to in an air brake system?
  13. What function does a dual air brake system serve?
  14. Apart from a leakage, what other factor could cause low air pressure in an air brake system?
  15. What other term is commonly used for the foot brake pedal in an air brake system?
  16. If air brakes are used for parking, what can go wrong?
  17. What should you do if the low-air pressure warning light illuminates while you're driving?
  18. What function does the control line serve?
  19. If a trailer that lacks spring brakes breaks away from the tractor, which of these can stop the trailer?
  20. Which axles are the spring parking brakes mounted on?
  21. What indicates that you might have switched the supply line and service line connections?
  22. What is an alternative term for the supply line?
  23. Do hand valves operate similarly to the foot valve?
  24. If all air is depleted and the vehicle requires towing, what method can unlock the spring brakes?
  25. Some tractor protection systems do not shut off immediately during a breakaway. What do they do instead?
  26. What should always be performed following the coupling of the tractor to a trailer?
  27. How much does the braking pressure to the drive axle brakes decrease by when bobtailing?
  28. What is the connecting mechanism used to link and disconnect air lines from tractors and trailers?
  29. Pertaining to the spring brakes, what needs to happen before a heavy service brake application?
  30. What term is frequently used to describe the air delivered from the two-way check valve?
  31. Should you use the hand valve in normal or emergency braking situations?
  32. A peace officer can place your vehicle out of service if the tractor protection system permits the tractor pressure to drop below what psi value?
  33. What is the role of the tractor protection system?
  34. What function does the supply line serve?
  35. How many inlet ports are there in the two-way check valves?
  36. Considering a bobtail tractor's light rear drive axle load, which system helps to prevent easy locking up of the rear brakes?
  37. What testing method confirms the functioning of the two-way check valve?
  38. What is the purpose of a hand valve in air braking systems?
  39. Which air brake system's key component found on a tractor's system is not present on a trailer air system?
  40. Can you define what a spring brake modulator is?
  41. Why should glad hands be attached to dead-end (dummy) couplers or each other when they're not in use?
  42. What happens when the relay emergency valve (if so equipped) senses that the trailer has detached from the tractor?
  43. What is another term for the control line within the air braking system?
  44. Should frequent checks be kept on the proper functioning of the tractor protection system?
  45. How much force is applied to all the brake components when the spring parking brakes are activated?
  46. What shape and color are most trailer air supply valves typically?
  47. Which reservoir(s) does the two-way check valve draw upon to supply the parking brake dash control with air?
  48. Where can you find the automatic front wheel limiting device installed?
  49. Is a police official allowed to take a trailer off the road if the braking system doesn't engage when the trailer's air supply valve is shut off?
  50. Do air reservoirs need to be drained on a regular basis even if the air brake system comes with an alcohol evaporator or alcohol injector?