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British Columbia Class 1 Licence Test 7 2024 | BC

5 out of 5 • 2 votes.
Based on 2024 BC commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
Preparing to drive a semi-trailer truck or a long combination vehicle in British Columbia? You'll need a Class 1 commercial driver's licence. The transportation industry in BC is booming, so now is a great time: truck drivers are in high demand. As a Class 1 licenced commercial driver, you can work for a trucking company as an employee, or for yourself as an owner-operator. But in order to drive one of the largest vehicles on the road, you must first learn to drive carefully and safely. So before you can get your Class 1 licence, you must pass both a written and a practical test. The written test (also known as the British Columbia truck driver's knowledge exam) has several multiple-choice questions. This 50-question Class 1 practice test is a great way to prepare as all questions are based on the official 2024 BC commercial driver's manual. As you answer the questions, we recommend checking each question's explanation to gain some further insight into the rule behind it. Good luck and drive safely!
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Perfect for:

  • First-time BC commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • BC commercial license renewal applicants

BC Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official BC Commercial Driving Handbook.

Read online or download

List of questions (classic view)

  1. What must you do at a stop sign with a painted stop line?
  2. Over-braking with a trailer can sometimes lead to
  3. What does this sign tell you?
  4. When is a pre-trip inspection required?
  5. What gauges should you check after starting your vehicle?
  6. Which valves make up the tractor protection system?
  7. When coupling a tractor to a semitrailer,
  8. What does this sign mean?
  9. In an air brake system, what is brake lag time?
  10. What does this sign mean?
  11. Before driving down a grade (hill), you should
  12. When inspecting the brake chambers, you should check for which of the following?
  13. The supply line is also called
  14. When brakes become overheated, they also become
  15. Which belts should you check during your pre-trip inspection?
  16. What is the purpose of the National Safety Code?
  17. What is a normal reaction time for a driver?
  18. Most manufacturers of commercial vehicles recommend draining the moisture and oil from an air brake system on a ________ basis.
  19. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)?
  20. Which of these is not a part of a drum brake?
  21. What is the purpose of the slider on a trailer?
  22. What is the most common cause of air loss in a trailer?
  23. What is brake lag time?
  24. What does this sign mean?
  25. Why is it important to know which parts of the air brake system exhaust air?
  26. If your truck is transporting cargo, you must check the securement of the cargo within the first ______ of the trip.
  27. Driving a commercial vehicle on the road is
  28. What does this sign mean?
  29. What does this sign mean?
  30. What does this sign mean?
  31. In large commercial vehicles, most air brake systems use automatic valves to
  32. When uncoupling your tractor from a trailer, at what point do you lower the trailer landing gear?
  33. What is the first step of the pre-trip inspection?
  34. Which of the following are normal responses from an antilock braking system (ABS)?
  35. What does this sign mean?
  36. What does this sign mean?
  37. At vehicle inspection stations, axles are inspected for
  38. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?
  39. Your vehicle passes the tug test of the parking brakes if
  40. What is the "cut-in" level?
  41. What is meant by the term "lugging"?
  42. What could occur if you make a left turn too early?
  43. When approaching a roundabout, to whom should you yield the right-of-way?
  44. In a traffic circle or roundabout, are trucks allowed to drive on the truck apron?
  45. What is the maximum permissible speed while driving in an alley?
  46. What is meant by a "stale" traffic light?
  47. In what way does inertia impact your vehicle while in motion?
  48. What is the role of an engine governor?
  49. When backing your vehicle with the assistance of a guide, where should your guide be positioned?
  50. To reduce your risk of a collision while backing your vehicle, you should NOT