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Ask Driving Genie AI

    ON General Knowledge Test 2 2023

    4.5 out of 5 • 6 votes.
    Based on 2023 ON commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback

    A commercial truck driver’s licence is required to drive any commercial vehicle in Ontario. There are two types of driving jobs available: owner-operator and employee. If you plan on running your own business or becoming a driver-for-hire, you will need a truck driver’s licence. To receive a trucking licence, you will have to pass two exams: a commercial knowledge exam with multiple-choice questions and a road test, which will test your general driving skills. To help you study for the knowledge test, we have prepared this second practice exam with 50 questions to test your knowledge of driving large vehicles in Ontario. We encourage you to read the hints and explanations provided and check out our sources. You will notice that the questions are slightly more difficult. This is because they start to examine some of the more technical definitions and concepts found in the official 2023 ON commercial driver’s manual. Once you have studied these questions, giving another truck driver practice test a try may be a good idea. Good luck!

    Perfect for:

    • First-time ON commercial license applicants
    • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
    • ON commercial license renewal applicants

    What to expect on the actual ON commercial license exam:

    • 40 questions
    • 32 correct answers to pass
    • 80% passing score

    List of questions (classic view)

    1. A driver cannot drive more than _______ in a day.
    2. A driver must have _______ of off-duty time in a day.
    3. A driver must have ________ of off-duty time in a day.
    4. Besides the consecutive hours of off-duty time, the remaining off-duty time must be distributed in blocks of at least ________ each.
    5. After _______ have elapsed from the end of the most recent period of consecutive hours of off-duty time, the driver must take more consecutive hours of off-duty time.
    6. If the driver defers some off-duty time to the following day, his or her total driving time in 2 days must not exceed
    7. The maximum on-duty time for a seven-day cycle is
    8. The maximum on-duty time for a 14-day cycle is
    9. Who must ensure that each driver follows either a seven-day cycle or a 14-day cycle?
    10. To reset a seven-day cycle back to zero, the driver must take ____ consecutive hours off duty.
    11. To reset a 14-day cycle back to zero, the driver must take ____ consecutive hours off duty.
    12. If you encounter unexpectedly adverse driving conditions while driving, you may increase your daily driving time by
    13. You must sign the completed logbook
    14. A fatigued, tired or sleepy driver is
    15. If other drivers annoy you on the road, what should you do?
    16. In Ontario, when passing a cyclist, you must leave at least _______ of space between your vehicle and the cyclist.
    17. People in motorized wheelchairs or on medical scooters should be treated as
    18. If you feel drowsy, sleepy or fatigued, what should you do?
    19. Bluffing is
    20. In Ontario, using a handheld communication device while you're driving is
    21. What colours are the flashing lights on emergency vehicles?
    22. If two vehicles approach a four-way stop at about the same time, which vehicle has the right-of-way?
    23. If your vehicle has convex side mirrors, a motorcycle that you see in one of these mirrors will appear
    24. At night, if you're experiencing glare from the bright headlights of an oncoming vehicle, what should you do?
    25. If you feel threatened by another driver, you should not
    26. A class A driver's licence allows you to tow vehicles weighing over
    27. Which of the following people is not usually held responsible for the weight of a commercial vehicle?
    28. How long is a semi-trailer allowed to be?
    29. Which of these vehicles require a CVOR certificate?
    30. Which of the following is not included in the CVOR record?
    31. What character is utilized to indicate that a driver's licence authorizes the operation of any air brake equipped motor vehicle?
    32. What type of licence is issued to a driver operating a vehicle that does not meet the full Class A requirements?
    33. What needs to be accomplished before going for a Class A road test in Ontario?
    34. Which statement is false regarding a road test for a Class A or D licence?
    35. What factor doesn't influence the gross allowable weight of a commercial vehicle?
    36. What are the industry standard colours for the air brake hoses in commercial vehicles?
    37. When do wheel manufacturers recommend rechecking wheel fasteners after installation?
    38. Which is not part of the visual inspection process of the coupling system?
    39. How frequently must a commercial vehicle driver complete a vehicle inspection?
    40. What is the minimum tread depth requirement for front tires of a vehicle with a gross rating of more than 4,500 kilograms?
    41. At what length of load overhang must a driver place a red flag on the load's end?
    42. Who carries the responsibility for ensuring cargo is properly balanced and secured against shifting?
    43. Which step is not required before lowering the landing gear?
    44. What should a driver do if they identify a minor defect during a pre-trip inspection?
    45. In truck-jargon, what does 'hitting the pin' refer to?
    46. What comes along with an annual inspection certificate and an annual inspection record?
    47. Which statement is not true? The driver needs to re-inspect and adjust the cargo securement systems at intervals based on the following terms...
    48. Which of the following is not a step for uncoupling a trailer for Class A?
    49. Is it permitted to drive a vehicle or combination of vehicles on a highway with a gross weight exceeding the maximum permitted weight?
    50. What other term can be used to refer to free-play in the steering system?