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MB Air Brake Test 7

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 MB commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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MB commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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About this test

You're making progress, and that's commendable. In the trucking world, the Air Brake endorsement is not just a certificate—it's a testament to your dedication to road safety and skill. This 50-question practice test will further refine your understanding of air brake systems as outlined in the 2024 Manitoba commercial driver's manual. Each question is crafted to cover essential aspects of air brakes, and you'll find detailed explanations to fortify your learning. Keep it up; you're well on your way to mastery.

List of questions (classic view)

  1. What does a service brake chamber typically not contain?
  2. Who has the necessary qualifications to adjust automatic slack adjusters?
  3. How do spring brake chambers typically apply the brakes?
  4. What happens if stroke surpasses the adjustment limits of a brake chamber?
  5. What holds together most commercial vehicles' brake chambers?
  6. To release the spring brakes, the spring brake chamber must receive the requisite air pressure to compress the spring. At what psi is this typically accomplished?
  7. What is an alternate term for the action of compressing the spring?
  8. What are the two types of air brake chambers?
  9. Compressed air can exhaust at all these places EXCEPT
  10. Is it acceptable for the pushrod stroke to go beyond the adjustment limit?
  11. Why is it possible to continue driving even when the spring brakes are applied?
  12. What results when you press the brake pedal, and compressed air inflates the service brake chamber?
  13. What does 'stroke length' typically refer to?
  14. What is the component that links the brake chamber's pushrod to the brake assembly?
  15. Under which circumstances are spring brakes designed to activate?
  16. Compressed air is converted into...?
  17. At what psi does the spring brake control valve react due to a decrease in air brake system pressure?
  18. What equipment is used on service and supply lines to avoid air leakages when they are not being used?
  19. Assuming red is reserved for the supply line according to the colour-coding adopted during manufacturing of trailer couplers, what colour represents the service line?
  20. How do you control the trailer supply valve to provide air to the trailer?
  21. Is it possible to tow trailers with spring brake priority even before the service brake air tanks are filled?
  22. What is the consequence of the driver neglecting to close the trailer supply valve when a trailer is not attached?
  23. What is the main function of the supply line?
  24. Does a converter dolly that connects one trailer to another have a brake system essentially identical to a trailer system?
  25. What is another term for trailer couplers?
  26. Should trailer hand valves be utilized for parking or emergency stops?
  27. Does the air brake system on a trailer come with air tanks and automatic spring brakes?
  28. Cross-connecting the service and supply lines on a combination vehicle could cause all of the following EXCEPT
  29. Which component is not a part of the internal structure of s-cam brakes?
  30. What is the first action performed by trailers with service brake priority?
  31. Should towing vehicles designed for pulling trailers be equipped with special valves used only for the trailer?
  32. Once the trailer air supply valve is closed, the tractor protection valve in the tractor also closes. What impact does this have?
  33. The trailer supply valve closes automatically when the air pressure in the trailer supply line falls to approximately how many psi?
  34. What is the most prevalent type of foundation brake found on commercial vehicles with air brake systems?
  35. What is the main function of trailer couplers or 'gladhands'?
  36. What reduces the effectiveness of both the service brakes and spring brakes to halt or hold a vehicle?
  37. Which of the following are types of foundation brakes?
  38. Most towing vehicles are equipped with 'dead end' or 'dummy' couplers. What is their purpose?
  39. What is one way to prevent accidentally cross-connecting the lines?
  40. What is the primary role of the service line?
  41. Which type of chamber is used on some buses and motor coaches, instead of a large spring in the brake chamber?
  42. Why can't the components within the wheel on the S-cam brakes easily be seen?
  43. What is another term for the supply line?
  44. In an emergency when the trailer service brakes fail, how can the trailer spring brakes be applied?
  45. Why are the brake-assembly components at the wheels of a vehicle generally referred to as the foundation components?
  46. Which of the following can lead to a rapid drop in air pressure?
  47. To what component of the air-brake system is the brake lining attached?
  48. All these people EXCEPT ________ are responsible for ensuring a vehicle adheres to HIghway Traffic Act (HTA) regulations.
  49. Brake lining is considered defective if it is
  50. What does the term "brake fade" refer to?