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MB Class 2 (Bus) Commercial Licence Practice Test 5

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 MB commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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MB commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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What you need to know
You've made it to Test 5! This test serves as a comprehensive review of your knowledge so far. Here, you'll find questions about buses, school buses with higher seating capacities, and other types of commercial vehicles. This is your chance to prove you're ready for that $45 road test and $10 knowledge test.
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List of questions (classic view)
  1. In a case where the service door fails to securely open or close, how should it be categorized?
  2. Which of these is not classified as an emergency exit in a vehicle?
  3. In the inspection of the driver's seat and seat belt, which of the following is not an out-of-service defect?
  4. What condition shouldn't affect a driver’s view through a vehicle's mirror?
  5. To what standard should a vehicle's mirror be adjusted?
  6. When assessing the crossing arm, which of these is not classified as a minor defect?
  7. What happens if a school bus lacks both a left and right rear turn signal lamp?
  8. In a stop lights inspection, what constitutes an out-of-service defect?
  9. While inspecting marker/clearance lights, which of these counts as an out-of-service defect?
  10. How is a flashing stop arm with only one lamp recorded?
  11. In an exhaust system inspection, what constitutes a minor defect?
  12. What is the maximum number of loading lamps that can be inoperative and still be considered a minor defect?
  13. In a wheelchair lift inspection, which situation doesn't constitute an out-of-service defect?
  14. In an inspection of the headlights, which situation is not a minor defect?
  15. Is a fogged signal lens categorised as a minor defect?
  16. For the inspection of the tail lights, which of these is considered an out-of-service defect?
  17. In cargo securement, what is considered a minor defect?
  18. For the inspection of the stop lights, which of these is considered an out-of-service defect?
  19. During inspection of the wheelchair restraints, which of these is considered a minor defect?
  20. For the inspection of the strobe light, which of these is considered an out-of-service defect?
  21. When conducting a tail light inspection, which of the choices constitutes an out-of-service defect?
  22. When assessing marker/clearance light, what is marked as an out-of-service defect?
  23. What isn't classified as an out-of-service defect when inspecting a stop arm?
  24. For the inspection of the back-up lights, which of these is considered an out-of-service defect?
  25. When inspecting the exhaust system, what is deemed an out-of-service defect?
  26. While inspecting the back-up lights, what is considered an out-of-service defect?
  27. What happens if the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) do not operate as originally designed by the manufacturer?
  28. What's the minimum number of lamps that need to be not working for the loading lights to be considered an out-of-service defect?
  29. While checking the hazard warning lamps, what is deemed an out-of-service defect?
  30. What is not a minor defect when inspecting hazard warning lamps?
  31. What condition must exist for the headlight inspection of a school bus to warrant an out-of-service defect status?
  32. What is the aim of checking the bus after the evacuation process?
  33. Which of these is FALSE? Before performing an evacuation, the driver should
  34. During an evacuation using the service door, who should be the first one to exit?
  35. What is the negative effect of feathering the clutch?
  36. You should not start the engine until which light has turned off?
  37. What's not an advantage of driving into a spot and then backing out?
  38. The most effective way to avoid unintentional contact with power lines is?
  39. Which of the following is false? If you step on the brake pedal to slow down or stop, and the pedal slowly lowers to the floor, what should you do?
  40. When driving a manual transmission bus, why shouldn't you start in a gear higher than second?
  41. What is the reason for drivers to turn off their buses as soon as they can?
  42. After evacuation, drivers should identify a meeting point for students that is how far from the bus?
  43. What is the term "feathering" the clutch referring to?
  44. If the oil pressure gauge does not show oil pressure within 20 seconds, what's the next step?
  45. Which of the following is not the right action if your bus contacts a power line and starts a fire?
  46. Which of the following is not a correct step in a safe turnaround procedure?
  47. When stopping a manual transmission school bus on an uphill gradient, which of the following statements is incorrect?
  48. Which of these is usually NOT found at a railway crossing?
  49. Which claim is untrue? Efficient use of the transmission can save wear and tear not only on gears, but also on the...
  50. What is defined as free play?