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    ON Air Brake Test 7 2023

    5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
    Based on 2023 ON commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
    Welcome to Ontario Commercial Air Brake Test 7. This exam is specifically designed to prep you on brake adjustments and repair. With 50 questions, we've covered everything you'll need to know to make sure you're ready for the real test. Conquer the exam with ease by practicing today.

    Perfect for:

    • First-time ON commercial license applicants
    • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
    • ON commercial license renewal applicants

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    List of questions (classic view)

    1. How many different types of air brake chambers are typically used in vehicles?
    2. What is pushed out of the brake chamber to apply the foundation brake?
    3. At what pressure do air brake system safety valves typically open?
    4. How are the separate brake systems for normal stopping and for parking and emergency braking in vehicles with air brakes controlled?
    5. What determines the pushrod stroke in an air brake system?
    6. Air pressure gauges indicate the air pressure in
    7. How do does a spring brake apply the brakes?
    8. What is the name of the flexible rubber disc contained within a service brake chamber?
    9. What contains the brake drum or disc in a vehicle brake system?
    10. Due to their design, do air brake chambers each have a maximum pushrod stroke-length limit?
    11. What does compressed air leaving the vehicle's systems not carry with it?
    12. What connects the brake chamber to the brake assembly in an air brake system?
    13. What is meant by 'pushrod stroke length' in an air brake system?
    14. What is a brake chamber that includes both service brake and spring brake sections called?
    15. Some vehicles may have an alternate device that provides a low-pressure warning. What is this system known as?
    16. Who is permitted to perform brake readjustments on both manual and automatic slack adjusters?
    17. How are spring brakes activated?
    18. Compressed air can be exhausted from which of the following locations?
    19. The low-pressure warning device must activate before the pressure in either tank drops below what level?
    20. A front-wheel limiting valve
    21. Which of the following statements is false? You can compare the length of the pushrod stroke to the prescribed adjustment limits based on...
    22. A spring brake control valve is normally a push/pull type valve fitted with a yellow, four-sided knob located on the dashboard. To apply the spring brakes, you usually
    23. What holds most brake chambers of today's commercial vehicles together?
    24. Why is a hand valve often fitted on the instrument panel or steering column of a towing vehicle?
    25. If the spring brakes activated because of loss of air pressure, caging each spring brake will
    26. If the air lines from the tractor to the trailer are cross-connected, what may happen?
    27. The air line that carries air to fill the trailer's tanks is usually called
    28. The air line that carries air pressure for the trailer service brakes is usually coloured
    29. The air line that carries air to fill the trailer air tanks is usually coloured
    30. What additional components are required in vehicles designed to tow trailers?
    31. To release a DD3 Safety Actuator brake, operate the parking brake control valve and then press the brake pedal for
    32. How can you identify a disabled or caged spring brake chamber?
    33. What function does a tractor parking-brake control valve perform?
    34. On what does the effectiveness of a vehicle's spring brakes depend?
    35. Some buses and motor coaches have a different type of parking and emergency brake that does not use a large spring in the brake chamber. What is this chamber called?
    36. What is the term for the trailer connection carrying pressure for the service brakes?
    37. What is another term for the couplers used to connect a trailer?
    38. Can spring brakes stop or hold a vehicle if the brakes are out of adjustment?
    39. How much air pressure is required to compress the spring in a spring brake chamber to release it?
    40. What is required of each trailer coupler?
    41. A tractor parking-brake control valve is typically what?
    42. A tractor can pull more than one trailer. When trailers are coupled to each other, the air lines must be connected too. To prevent air loss from these lines when they are not in use, the lines are usually equipped with
    43. What can cause an unexpected vehicle stop due to sudden automatic application of the spring brakes?
    44. In a tractor-trailer, if the hand valve and brake pedal are applied at the same time, which brakes get the higher air pressure?
    45. Compressing the spring in a spring brake chamber in order to release the spring brake is known as
    46. What is the consequence if you fail to close the trailer supply valve when no trailer is attached?
    47. What are the receptacles on most towing vehicles called that protect them from dirt and water when not in use?
    48. The brake system of ________ that attaches one trailer to another is essentially the same as a trailer system.
    49. What is the function of the tractor protection valve?
    50. What can a technician use to manually compress the spring in a spring brake chamber?