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Ask Driving Genie AI

    ON General Knowledge Test 3 2023

    4.33 out of 5 • 6 votes.
    Based on 2023 ON commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback

    Driving a commercial vehicle is very different from driving a car. Trucks have different controls and different blind spots. As a commercial vehicle operator, you must travel long distances and face a variety of traffic and weather conditions. You must also be prepared to deal with emergencies such as fires and collisions. Before you can get your commercial driver’s licence in Ontario, you must study and practice to learn to drive carefully and safely. To get your commercial driver’s licence, you must pass both a written and a practical test. The written test (also known as the truck driver’s licence knowledge exam) has several multiple-choice questions. If you are looking for a practice test before taking the commercial driver’s licence knowledge test, this is the place. This practice test will help you prepare. Please note that this is a sample test and does not replace the official truck driver’s knowledge exam. There are 50 questions with hints and explanations of the correct answer. All questions are based on the official 2023 ON commercial driver’s manual. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Good luck!

    Perfect for:

    • First-time ON commercial license applicants
    • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
    • ON commercial license renewal applicants

    What to expect on the actual ON commercial license exam:

    • 40 questions
    • 32 correct answers to pass
    • 80% passing score

    List of questions (classic view)

    1. If you fail to remain at the scene of an accident in which you were involved, ____ demerit points will be added to your driver's record.
    2. If you're driving in blowing snow, your headlights should be
    3. For commercial drivers, the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration while they drive is
    4. If you hit a deer or moose while you're driving, what should you do?
    5. You must report a collision to the police that involves
    6. On an undivided roadway in Ontario, you're approaching a stopped school bus with alternating flashing red lights and an extended swing‑out stop sign. You must stop if
    7. A professional driver is expected to demonstrate
    8. An A:B:C type fire extinguisher is designed to work on which types of fires?
    9. A class D fire extinguisher is designed to work on which types of fires?
    10. How often must you inspect your vehicle?
    11. In Ontario, you're approaching a school bus from behind that has stopped for passengers. You must stop at least _______ from the school bus.
    12. When you're approaching a steep downhill grade, you should
    13. When are you required to stop for a stopped school bus with red lights flashing?
    14. If your vehicle starts to skid, you should
    15. If your vehicle gets stuck on a railway track, what should you do?
    16. If you overbrake your vehicle, it may
    17. How can you improve your vehicle's fuel economy while you're behind the wheel?
    18. The differential lock must not be used when
    19. Under normal conditions, how should you apply the brakes to stop your vehicle?
    20. When can a police officer inspect a commercial motor vehicle?
    21. So-called slow-moving vehicles travel at speeds no greater than
    22. If you are caught in whiteout conditions and visibility is reduced to near zero, what should you do?
    23. Provincial/Territorial authorities recommend that all commercial vehicles carry
    24. What is the colour of the school bus arm signal?
    25. If you're required to use an ignition interlock device but you're found to be driving without one, your vehicle will be impounded for at least
    26. If serious infractions are discovered during a vehicle inspection, what usually happens?
    27. What is the minimum tread depth in millimetres required for rear tires of a motor vehicle?
    28. Which statement is incorrect? All drivers of a commercial vehicle should carry and surrender on demand the following documents when asked at a weigh station...
    29. If a driver will operate within a 160-km radius of where they begin and end the day, they might be exempted from carrying which document?
    30. Before driving the vehicle not more than how many kilometres from the point where the cargo was loaded, you must inspect to ensure it is secure?
    31. Which statement is not true? Prior to the uncoupling/coupling procedure, you must
    32. Which statement is not true? The driver should re-inspect the vehicle's cargo and the cargo securement systems, and adjust as necessary, based on whichever of the following happens first...
    33. Why would a commercial vehicle most likely be removed from operation?
    34. What is not included in the process of disengaging the fifth wheel (if so equipped)?
    35. What penalty could you face if you refuse or fail to proceed to a weigh station when requested?
    36. If a driver begins and ends the day at the same location within a 160-km radius, what might they be exempt from carrying?
    37. Is carrying out a daily inspection a requirement under the Highway Traffic Act?
    38. What is the most reliable way for drivers to verify their vehicle's safe operational status?
    39. Which of the following is not a step in the process of hitching a trailer for Class A vehicles?
    40. According to what guidelines is the daily inspection conducted?
    41. What is the primary method to control a vehicle's speed on extended downhill slopes?
    42. Within a span of 14 consecutive days, for how many hours is a driver not allowed to drive after being on-duty?
    43. Under what condition can a driver change the cycle they are operating under?
    44. In a vehicle combination such as a truck and semi-trailer, what is balanced braking?
    45. The Hours of Service regulations include all of the following categories EXCEPT
    46. What is the recommended action if the low air-pressure warning device is activated while driving?
    47. Which of the following is not recommended to ensure your vehicle remains stationary when parked?
    48. When should you conduct the first brake check after getting the vehicle in motion?
    49. How many uninterrupted hours off-duty must all drivers have within the previous 14-day period?
    50. Apart from buses, the hours-of-service rules apply to drivers of which types of vehicles?