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QC General Knowledge Test 5 2024

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 QC commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
Want to elevate your commercial driving career in Quebec? Dive into our 50-question practice test, tailored for 2024. Not only will you find questions aligned with the official study materials, but each page refresh shuffles the questions and their answer options. From instant feedback to detailed explanations, we’ve got your back. Don’t forget to consult the Driving Genie AI chat for any commercial driving queries. Perfect for aspiring drivers, renewals, and those upgrading licences. Good luck and drive safely!
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • First-time QC commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • QC commercial license renewal applicants

QC Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official QC Commercial Driving Handbook.

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. What is a mandatory requirement for a school bus used to transport school children or passengers under 18 years of age in Quebec?
  2. What is the minimum distance a bus must stop from a railway crossing in Quebec?
  3. Which instruction is incorrect if the rear of the vehicle starts skidding to the left?
  4. How should passengers' baggage be arranged for a trip in Quebec?
  5. Which of the following is not a recommended action to avoid skidding?
  6. While driving a school bus in Quebec, what is the maximum number of school children allowed on one seat?
  7. What is the maximum height allowed for a straight truck in Quebec?
  8. What is the maximum permitted rear overhang for a straight truck in Quebec?
  9. Under which circumstance are you absolutely forbidden to leave your school bus?
  10. What's the upper limit for a semi-trailer's length in Quebec?
  11. What requirement does the Motor Vehicle Safety Act stipulate for trailers and semi-trailers 2.05 m wide or wider with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,500 kg or more?
  12. What is the validity period of a dangerous substances training certificate?
  13. Which of these is FALSE? Before taking possession of dangerous substances, make sure that...
  14. What's untrue about hitching a semi-trailer equipped with air suspension to a fifth-wheel tractor with the same suspension?
  15. When can a heavy vehicle owner allow their vehicle's pollution control device or system to be removed or modified?
  16. If cargo is not held in place by a front-end structure, a bulkhead, or another immobilized article of cargo, how many tiedowns must be used for a substance longer than 1.52 m and no longer than 3.04 m?
  17. Why might some road transport vehicles need to abide by specific regulations?
  18. Which of the following can be used to connect a second semi-trailer to the first one?
  19. In the context of cargo loading and hauling, what does the acronym WLL stand for?
  20. Which statement is false? According to the Regulation, exemptions from cargo and cargo securement system inspections apply only in the following circumstances...
  21. What's a reason for avoiding abrupt steering or braking movements while managing a curve or turning at an intersection in a tank truck?
  22. Generally, which vehicles meeting certain conditions are excused from the Cargo Securement Standards Regulation?
  23. If a cargo item is blocked or immobilized by a front-end structure, a bulkhead or another piece of immobilized cargo, for how many metres of length do you use one tiedown?
  24. Which statement is not true? According to the Highway Safety Code, a vehicle's load must be...
  25. What can possibly happen if the drive wheels of a vehicle do not bear enough weight?
  26. When is re-inspection of the cargo not required?
  27. Why must livestock transported by truck be restrained or in cages?
  28. What is required for a driver to be eligible to drive across a bridge or an overpass with a vehicle exceeding the posted weight limit or legal load restriction?
  29. What is the maximum length allowed for a trailer without a dolly?
  30. What are drivers expected to do with their dangerous substances training certificate?
  31. Who is responsible for ensuring that all individuals transporting dangerous substances have received appropriate training relative to their duties and the tasks that they will perform?
  32. What distance from the point where cargo was loaded onto the truck must the vehicle's cargo and cargo securement system be inspected and possibly adjusted?
  33. For easier vehicle handling and to ensure compliance with required load limits, how should the weight of the cargo be distributed?
  34. What aspect of your vehicle can be affected by load distribution?
  35. Is a complete circle check of the entire vehicle combination necessary even after several checks throughout the hitching process?
  36. What's the maximum length allowable for a trailer with a dolly?
  37. The payload's center of gravity should ideally be where, for a safer vehicle handling?
  38. Which statement is incorrect? To prevent cargo or any item of cargo from moving during transport, it must not be stabilized with...
  39. The Cargo Securement Standards Regulation outlines overall standards applicable to all types of cargo for road vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of how much?
  40. What should you not do while attempting to pass another vehicle safely?
  41. Which of the following instructions would not apply when using the sleeper berth for splitting off-duty time as a team driver?
  42. The holder of an LCV operating permit must do all of the following EXCEPT
  43. What kind of endorsement must you have on a Class 1 driver's licence to drive a longer combination vehicle (LCV)?
  44. Which of these is not a common type of accident involving a road train or double road train?
  45. What becomes more challenging as a combination vehicle has more axles and articulations?
  46. What is the minimum horsepower requirement per 180 kg of the LCV's total loaded mass?
  47. Following cycle 1, a driver must not drive after accumulating how many hours of on-duty time over seven consecutive days?
  48. When the LCV is travelling in a straight line, the semi-trailers may not swing more than how much out of line with the tractor on either side?
  49. During which conditions is the chance of an LCV overturning highest?
  50. What is the maximum load limit for an LCV?