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BC Air Brake Test 7 2024

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 BC commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
B.C.'s landscape offers diverse challenges for commercial drivers, from the rolling hills of the Okanagan to the bustling port of Vancouver. This test, featuring 50 questions, is your next step in preparing for the official Air Brake exam. All questions are based on the latest 2024 BC commercial driver's manual.
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Perfect for:

  • First-time BC commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • BC commercial license renewal applicants

BC Commercial Driving Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official BC Commercial Driving Handbook.

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. Which component is not a part of the air brake chamber?
  2. Which of these can exert the greatest force?
  3. What is the definition of "compressed air"?
  4. What device manages the operations of the compressor in an air brake system?
  5. What distinctive feature identifies long stroke brake chambers?
  6. What needs to be done to maintain identical braking force as brake fade increases?
  7. Which of these is not an automatic slack adjuster?
  8. What material are the air reservoirs (tanks) typically composed of?
  9. When the compressor has created enough pressure, what stage does the governor initiate?
  10. In compressors driven by belts similar to fan belts, how is the belt tension checked?
  11. What is the maximum pressure limit most current air brake systems operate with?
  12. Where is the compressor typically located?
  13. After air has been compressed, where is it sent?
  14. How quickly should the compressor be able to build pressure in the reservoirs from 50 psi to 90 psi?
  15. What is the commonly referred term for the most popular type of foundation brake?
  16. What component triggers the compressor to start again?
  17. What is the main role of the governor in the air brake system?
  18. Even though the pressuring of truck air brake systems are typically 100 psi and above, what is the lower air application pressure utilized to make regular stops?
  19. What is primarily used to lubricate the compressor?
  20. Aside from brake wear adjustment, what is another function of the slack adjuster?
  21. How can you tell if the tension of the compressor belt (if so equipped) needs to be adjusted?
  22. What happens to the air's temperature as it is being compressed?
  23. Safety valves are typically set to release excess pressure when it hits approximately how many psi?
  24. What mechanism ensures that the compressor receives clean air?
  25. How hot is the air typically when it exits the compressor?
  26. The difference between minimum and maximum pressure should be around what amount?
  27. When air pressure is applied to the brake chamber diaphragm, what subsequent action takes place?
  28. What triggers the transformation of the water in the reservoir tank into grey sludge?
  29. How does the compressor acquire air?
  30. What function does the safety valve serve on the first reservoir?
  31. Why is the supply reservoir often named the "wet tank"?
  32. The compressor is capable of compressing air up to what extent?
  33. Which of these adjusts the brakes to account for brake lining and brake drum wear?
  34. The setting on the governor should allow the compressor to resume compressing air if the air pressure drops below how many psi?
  35. What is an alternative name for the safety valve?
  36. What function do brake shoe return springs fulfill?
  37. Is compressed air potentially hazardous if it escapes?
  38. In a typical air brake system, the low air pressure warning is activated when air pressures fall below
  39. The relay valve in an air brake system serves what function?
  40. What is the function of one-way check valves in an air brake system?
  41. What occurs when the foot valve is disengaged by the driver in an air brake system?
  42. What type of parking brake is typically found in an air brake system?
  43. What's the term for the line that transports air from the foot valve to the foundation brakes?
  44. In many vehicles, which reservoirs' pressure is indicated by a single gauge with two needles?
  45. In a dual air brake system, where is the air from the primary tank usually applied?
  46. On what type of vehicles are safety actuators commonly used?
  47. How many pressure gauges would you expect to find in a dual air brake system with two service reservoirs?
  48. In a dual air brake system, if one system fails completely, can the driver still make a controlled stop?
  49. Since when have dual air brake systems been employed?
  50. What is the process of manually releasing an applied spring parking brake called?