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FREE 2024 CVOR Ontario Practice Test 1: 40 Questions | ON

5 out of 5 • 1 votes.
Based on 2024 ON commercial driver's license manual Instant feedback
The Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) isn't just another piece of paperwork—it's the business equivalent of a driver's license in Ontario. As a critical requirement for operating commercial vehicles over 4,500kg, tow trucks, and buses seating 10 or more, the CVOR reflects the professionalism and compliance of a business with provincial regulations. This 40-question practice test, updated for 2024, is crafted from Ontario's Commercial Vehicle Operators' Safety Manual. Just like a real exam, each question offers four answer options, hints, and explanations. With the added assistance of our Driving Genie AI, this test ensures businesses are thoroughly prepared for the CVOR exam.
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • First-time ON commercial license applicants
  • Existing commercial license holders adding endorsements
  • ON commercial license renewal applicants

List of questions (classic view)

  1. What must be accomplished by a new applicant following the completion of the CVOR application process?
  2. What is the harshest disciplinary action that may be administered by the Deputy Registrar?
  3. What does the term "driver out-of-service rate" refer to?
  4. How many categories of vehicle inspections exist?
  5. Can the CVOR system automatically identify an operator for review if there's poor safety performance identified through the operator's overall violation rate?
  6. Can you define what a CVOR abstract is?
  7. What constitutes a 'reportable accident'?
  8. When determining the vehicle out-of-service rate, which levels of inspections are excluded?
  9. How soon must operators report a change in fleet size of 20 percent or more to the ministry under the Highway Traffic Act?
  10. Which statement is incorrect? Operators must report any significant changes in...
  11. CVOR is part of the CSR program. What does CSR stand for?
  12. What does the term "overall inspection out-of-service rate" refer to?
  13. When must all operators apart from those with 'satisfactory' or 'excellent' Carrier Safety Ratings renew their licences?
  14. How many forms of CVOR abstracts are available?
  15. What must vehicles that do not require CVOR have instead?
  16. Which is not the responsibility of the CVOR operator?
  17. Does the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) receive convictions for offences that occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions?
  18. What is the primary goal of the CVOR system?
  19. Which of the following is false? Inspections can result in...
  20. Factors on which an operator's Carrier Safety Rating is based include which of the following?
  21. Are facility audit results recorded on an operator's CVOR record?
  22. Does a truck or bus operating under the authority of a dealer plate or service plate require a CVOR when it is not carrying a load?
  23. Who is accountable for monitoring an operator's Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) record and the performance information it shows?
  24. Which of the following statements is incorrect? A CVOR certificate is needed to operate commercial motor vehicles that are...
  25. Do collisions with no reported driver faults or vehicle defects appear on an operator's CVOR record?
  26. Which type of vehicles does the CVOR system not track for on-road safety performance?
  27. For how long must operators keep records showing the kilometres traveled by trucks and buses in their fleet?
  28. What doesn't appear on a carrier's CVOR abstract?
  29. How many levels of CVSA inspections are recorded on a CVOR abstract?
  30. When are operators with 'satisfactory' or 'excellent' Carrier Safety Ratings required to renew their certificates?
  31. An Overall Audit Score that is below _____ constitutes a fail.
  32. Where are the penalties imposed by the Deputy Registrar applied?
  33. To qualify for an Excellent Safety Rating, the violation rate of a carrier in relation to its Overall CVOR Threshold must not surpass which percentage?
  34. What default rating is given to an operator upon application for a CVOR certificate?
  35. Under which of these circumstances will a conditional rating be granted immediately?
  36. An operator with an Excellent rating will be downgraded to Satisfactory if their overall violation rate exceeds _____ of their overall CVOR threshold.
  37. On what basis is the collision and conviction points threshold determined?
  38. What does the term violation rates refer to in the context of the CVOR?
  39. Under what condition would a carrier that has not been audited typically receive a Satisfactory-Unaudited Safety Rating?
  40. For how long is an operator unrated from the time they begin operations until a rating is proposed and implemented?