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ON Class C Commercial Licence Practice Test 4

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 ON commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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ON commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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What you need to know
Advance your Class C commercial driver's license preparation with our Ontario Commercial Class C Test 4. Tailored to enhance your understanding of Class C vehicle operations, this test offers a complex array of questions based on the 2024 Ontario commercial driver’s manual. Test 4 focuses on topics such as advanced driving techniques, emergency handling, and specific road regulations for Class C vehicles. The realistic format and in-depth questions prepare you for similar challenges on the actual exam, with detailed explanations provided for each answer to enrich your learning.
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List of questions (classic view)
  1. Is it necessary to operate the flashing lights and stop arm within a school-bus loading zone?
  2. At what frequency should evacuation exercises take place?
  3. Where should you arrange your practice evacuation drills?
  4. Whose duty is it to ensure the safety of passengers traveling on a bus?
  5. Who is responsible for setting up regular evacuation drills?
  6. What is the final step when loading passengers onto a bus?
  7. Which of the following are not considered standard emergency exits?
  8. The maximum amount of demerit points a holder of a Class B or E licence can possess would be...?
  9. Which of the following should be considered when planning routes and schedules for school buses?
  10. Are demerit points added or subtracted from a driver's report?
  11. During your inspection test, what do you do if your bus doesn't allow you access to measure pushrod stroke?
  12. During testing for audible air leaks, what type of defect does it indicate if one is detected?
  13. If a Class B or E licence holder exceeds eight demerit points, what happens?
  14. To test the air pressure build-up rate, you should reduce air pressure to
  15. If you hold ________, you must submit medical reports regularlly.
  16. How many errors are allowed during the on-road test for a Class B/E or C/F licence?
  17. If the air pressure takes more time than the set limit to build up during a test, what type of defect is it classified as?
  18. Why is it advised to pick up and drop off passengers on the home side of the road?
  19. During the backing skills test for a Class B/E and C/F licence, how much time is given to complete the test?
  20. What are the consequences if you refuse, fail or are unable to provide a breath sample or perform a physical coordination test?
  21. Can you use the pertinent Schedule as reference during the daily inspection test for Class B/E and C/F tests?
  22. When testing the slow air pressure build-up rate on an air brake equipped bus, how long is the maximum time it should take to build the air pressure to the correct level?
  23. When planning route layouts for school buses, a school bus driver should help make recommendations to all of the following EXCEPT
  24. What is not assessed during the on-road test for Class B/E or C/F licensing?
  25. If you are downgraded to a lower licence class due to eight or more demerit points, how long will you stay in the lower licence class?
  26. The inspection test for Class B/E or C/F road tests covers all of the following EXCEPT
  27. How many randomly selected items will you be asked to locate and inspect during the exterior inspection for Class B/E and C/F tests?
  28. Are school buses subject to surprise safety inspections by Ministry of Transportation staff throughout the year?
  29. A bus driver who has been found impaired by alcohol or drugs may face which of these penalties?
  30. If your driver's licence has been suspended, cancelled or expired for more than three years, what is the proper course of action?
  31. Is it possible to be charged for impaired driving even if you haven't started the car?
  32. If the air pressure in a vehicle drops by 3 psi within what time frame, is this considered a major defect?
  33. The law requires regular inspection of the following vehicles operated by or under contract to a school board, EXCEPT
  34. The minimum acceptable tread depth for the steering tires is
  35. Which of these suspension-related defects is considered a major defect?
  36. A lamp that's the wrong colour counts as
  37. What is the minimum tread depth acceptable for tires that are not used for steering?
  38. Is a "main spring leaf" a real component of the suspension system?
  39. Exhaust gases entering the vehicle's cabin due to an exhaust-system leak constitutes which sort of defect?
  40. For air bags, each of these counts as a major defect EXCEPT
  41. What sort of defect is it when a tire is rubbing against another tire or vehicle component?
  42. If a window or door fails to close securely, what type of defect does this constitute?
  43. When there are visible signs warning of a possible wheel, hub, or bearing failure, what sort of defect is it considered?
  44. When the brake fluid level falls below the manufacturer's prescribed minimum level, what type of defect is it deemed?
  45. Is it considered a defect if a compartment door is either missing or insecure?
  46. What sort of defect is it when any part of the vehicle's body is either insecure or missing?
  47. What can a loss of brake fluid cause?
  48. If the required alarm for the emergency exits is not working and there are passengers present, what type of defect is this considered?
  49. How should you inspect the level of hub oil?
  50. If you suspect a tire leak but you can't feel it or hear it, does it count as a defect?
  51. A loose U-bolt in the vehicle's suspension counts as what kind of defect?
  52. In relation to a frame component, which of the following is NOT considered a major defect?
  53. If you notice an exhaust leak, what type of defect is it?
  54. What sort of defect is it when a lamp is either missing or not working?
  55. When the hydraulic brake reservoir is less than a quarter full, what type of defect is it deemed?
  56. If there is noticeable damage to the tread or sidewall of a tire, what sort of defect does it constitute?
  57. When the attachments for a needed mirror or another piece of glass are damaged, what kind of defect is it?
  58. What type of defect is it when the low air-warning either fails to operate or operates prematurely before air pressure drops below 55 psi?
  59. If an air leak is discernible in the air-suspension system, what kind of defect does it constitute?
  60. In the inspection of any wheel, rim, or part used to attach the wheel or rim, which of the following are considered major defects?
  61. What happens when any door doesn't secure appropriately when passengers are present?
  62. Which of the following is not a minor defect with regards to suspension fasteners?
  63. What type of defect is it when any spring has a single broken leaf?