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QC General Knowledge Test 6

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 QC commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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QC commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
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About this test

Prepping for the Quebec commercial licence exam? Our 50-question practice test provides not just a rehearsal but a full-blown experience. Every refresh brings you new sets of questions and scrambles answer choices. We offer hints and in-depth explanations, plus the Driving Genie AI chat for real-time clarification. Ideal for those just starting out, current licence holders, and those looking to expand their endorsements.

List of questions (classic view)

  1. As the number of a vehicle's articulations increases, what risk also increases?
  2. LCV drivers are NOT prohibited from
  3. What is the minimum amount of off-duty time a driver must take in a day?
  4. What is the required period of holding a Class 1 driver's licence to be eligible for endorsement to drive an LCV?
  5. When turning in a double road train, which factor does not directly determine the amount of space needed for various manoeuvres?
  6. What is the maximum length of the second semi-trailer for all types of double road trains?
  7. When following cycle 2, a driver shouldn't drive after accumulating how many hours of on-duty time over 14 consecutive days?
  8. A driver's duty status can refer to any of the following EXCEPT
  9. For safety purposes, LCV drivers should only operate their vehicle when visibility is clear for what minimum distance?
  10. Which of these is FALSE? An LCV is allowed to travel on...
  11. What is the maximum validity period for a special road train operating permit?
  12. How many hours of driving time are a driver allowed to accumulate from the beginning of a work shift before they're prohibited from driving?
  13. When is a road train or double road train more likely to skid on dry pavement?
  14. Which statement about using the sleeper berth in a vehicle to split off-duty time for a solo driver is false?
  15. From the start of a work shift, after how many hours of on-duty time is the driver prohibited from driving?
  16. Regardless of which cycle is being followed, how many hours of consecutive off-duty time must a driver have taken during the preceding 14 days to be allowed to drive?
  17. By how many hours can a driver extend their driving or on-duty time in a day?
  18. Certain conditions can cause the second semi-trailer of a double road train to weave back and forth. This motion is known as
  19. How many consecutive off-duty hours are necessary to separate two work shifts?
  20. What category of defect falls under non-functioning low beams?
  21. How severe is the defect if a first aid kit isn't secured or is difficult to reach?
  22. Within how many days must the original circle check report be submitted to the operator?
  23. What type of defect is it when a quarter or more of the fifth wheel's locking pins are missing or not functioning while the vehicle is hitched?
  24. What category of defect is it if one or more components fastening the fifth wheel are missing, loose, or broken when the vehicle is unhitched?
  25. Is it compulsory to do a circle check?
  26. How serious is the defect if the engine doesn't accelerate or return to idle normally when the accelerator is released?
  27. What type of defect is it when the horn is non-functional?
  28. How severe is a defect where the chemical fire extinguisher is loose, not properly safeguarded, lacking, or in a difficult to reach spot?
  29. How is a defect characterized when the side rail web is cracked?
  30. How severe is the defect if a fixed part of the body is improperly installed or missing?
  31. What type of defect results when the steering column shifts from its usual position?
  32. How severe is the defect when the adjustable steering wheel does not stay locked in the chosen position?
  33. What kind of defect exists when the vehicle is hitched, and there's some motion between a fifth wheel fastener (mounting angle) and the chassis frame of the vehicle?
  34. To be exempt from having to maintain a daily log of each duty status, you must meet all these requirements EXCEPT
  35. What type of defect results when the power steering doesn't function properly?
  36. Even if exempted from completing a daily log, must a driver still adhere to stipulated driving, on-duty and off-duty hours?
  37. Who performs the circle check when a vehicle is successively used by multiple drivers within 24 hours?
  38. Which statement is false? The vehicles below are required to undergo a circle check_x001a_
  39. A minor defect must be repaired within _______ or else the vehicle cannot be driven on public roads.
  40. To whom should a major defect be promptly reported and recorded in the circle check?
  41. How damaging is a defect in which over a quarter of the locking pins are missing when the tractor is hitched to a trailer?
  42. What kind of defect is it when none of the rear parking lights function on a single-unit vehicle or the last vehicle in a vehicular combination?
  43. Which statement is false? The circle check is a sight and sound inspection of specific accessible vehicle components that permits you to_x001a_
  44. What is the severity of the defect when the windshield blower fails to operate?
  45. How frequently must a fire department vehicle, when at station, be inspected?
  46. Each of these vehicles is exempt from a circle check EXCEPT
  47. What kind of defect is it when the windshield washing system fails to effectively clean the windshield?
  48. What type of defect arises when the clutch mechanism is not working properly?
  49. What type of defect is it when the vehicles are unhitched and one or more of the fifth wheel fasteners are missing, broken, or loose?
  50. When an air leak is detected in the suspension system, how is this defect categorized?