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SK Air Brake Test 6

  • Perfect for first-time and renewal commercial applicants, and those adding endorsements
  • Based on 2024 SK commercial driver's licence manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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SK commercial driver's licence
5 out of 5,
2 votes

About this test

Saskatchewan’s agricultural backbone and sprawling landscapes require safe and competent commercial drivers, especially when operating vehicles with air brake systems. This 50-question test is your go-to resource, carefully aligned with the 2024 Saskatchewan commercial driver’s manual. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations to deepen your understanding of air brake systems, particularly useful when covering the province's long agricultural routes.

List of questions (classic view)

  1. What is created when brake shoe linings push against the machined surfaces of the brake drums?
  2. In an optimal setting, how long is the brake lag usually?
  3. Is it possible to compress air into a space smaller than it naturally occupies?
  4. Where do metal brake drums dissipate the heat produced during braking?
  5. The stopping distance of a vehicle depends on its speed, its weight and all of the following factors EXCEPT
  6. What device commonly used in braking systems provides mechanical advantage?
  7. What is responsible for regulating and limiting the process of air compression?
  8. The responsibility of brake shoes and drums or brake rotors and pads is....
  9. Is the operation of all air compressors continuous...?
  10. The compressor's intake system sources air from...
  11. Are all compressors operating constantly while the engine is operating?
  12. Should compressors that have their own air filtration system be serviced regularly?
  13. What is the main role of a compressor in a vehicle's air brake system?
  14. What is the main function of a reservoir in the air brake system?
  15. What is the fundamental role of a foot valve?
  16. What is the standard brake assembly used on truck and trailer axles?
  17. The governor must unload the air compressor when system air pressure reaches
  18. Some compressors use the engine's own lubrication. Other compressors
  19. What occurs when air pressure is released from the service-brake chamber?
  20. Air compressors can either be directly gear driven from the engine or...
  21. How much below the cut-out pressure does the governor typically kick in?
  22. Are the reservoirs capable of storing an adequate volume of air to allow for several brake applications if the engine stops or the compressor fails?
  23. How is heat generated by the brakes dissipated?
  24. What is the primary responsibility of a governor in the air brake system?
  25. What's another term for the floor-mounted brake pedal?
  26. At a minimum of what pressure does the governor need to reactivate the compressor into the pumping phase?
  27. What task do brake chambers accomplish?
  28. When you press down on the foot valve, through what does air pressure enter the pressure side of the brake chamber?
  29. What is the recommended frequency for completely draining reservoirs?
  30. When the brakes are activated, air pushes against each service-brake diaphragm causing the push rod to press against...
  31. What is referred to as compressed air?
  32. How many fundamental components are present in an air brake system?
  33. What determines the maximum air pressure available for brake applications?
  34. What is the specific name for each reservoir's installed drain valve?
  35. At what level of pressure is the air system considered fully charged?
  36. What is referred to as a diaphragm?
  37. In which line is the ratio valve typically installed?
  38. How should you react if the low air warning system triggers?
  39. Under which condition would the stop light switch, an air-signaled electrical switch, activate?
  40. Typically, at what pressure is the safety valve pre-set?
  41. What is the result of air pushing against each service-brake diaphragm?
  42. What major role does a quick-release valve accomplish in air brake systems?
  43. To improve the basic air brake system, all of these devices can be added to it EXCEPT
  44. What is the term for when the governor switches the compressor out of its pumping stage?
  45. From which reservoir does the air needed to operate the brakes originate?
  46. What's an alternative name for the supply reservoir?
  47. Any of these can cause unpredictable and potentially hazardous brake performance EXCEPT
  48. What influences the amount of heat a brake drum can absorb and release into the atmosphere?
  49. What is the given name for the first reservoir that is closest to the compressor?
  50. Where is air delivered through the foot valve when the brake pedal is pressed?