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Driving Practice Test: NL 2024

  • Perfect for learner’s permit and full adult driver’s licence
  • Based on official Newfoundland and Labrador 2024 Driver's manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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NL commercial driver's licence
4.28 out of 5,
25 votes
What you need to know
This NL driving practice test covers basic questions on the road signs and road rules in Newfoundland, as well as on various road situations in this province. The questions are based on the public information from the NL Driver's Handbook, so you will probably see these or very similar questions when you finally go to take the real test. When in doubt, just hit 'Hint' below. Please be advised, however, that hints won't be provided on the actual exam. To pass the test, you will need to score a minimum of 34 questions. Don't worry if you are not doing great on your first attempt - you can re-take the test as many times as you think you need. Good luck!
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List of questions (classic view)
  1. Who is responsible for making sure that passengers under 16 years of age are properly restrained?
  2. Who is responsible for making sure that passengers 16 years of age and over wear seat belts?
  3. In this image, is the orange vehicle allowed to pass here?
  4. Class 5 Level 2 drivers are NOT permitted to drive unaccompanied between __________ except for travel to or from work.
  5. The most frequent cause of rear-end collisions is
  6. What is the second most common cause of collisions at night?
  7. When are you allowed to use a hand-held cell phone while you're driving?
  8. Why should you avoid driving through a puddle?
  9. Which of the following statements about tires is FALSE?
  10. When the temperature has dropped below 0 °C, you should use _________ before starting the engine.
  11. In which of the following situations do you need to stop driving and instead call for assistance?
  12. Two vehicles approach an intersection from different roadways at about the same time. Each vehicle encounters a stop sign. Which vehicle must yield?
  13. Which of the following right-of-way rules is FALSE?
  14. You are approaching an intersection that doesn't have a stop line or crosswalk. What should you do?
  15. When passing another vehicle, complete the pass as quickly as you can
  16. In NL, U-turns are prohibited
  17. When moving into a passing lane to pass another vehicle, you should
  18. When leaving a divided highway, you should start to slow down
  19. When approaching a corner, you see a pedestrian extending a white cane. What should you do?
  20. What must you do at a flashing red signal?
  21. What must you do at a flashing amber signal?
  22. On this sign, a white line painted across the pavement at the intersection represents
  23. You have stopped at a stop sign. You may proceed after
  24. In NL, you are NOT permitted to pass
  25. If your vehicle suddenly plunges into a body of water and you're wearing a seat belt,
  26. To turn left from a one-way street onto another one-way street, you must
  27. If a police officer motions you to drive through a red light, what should you do?
  28. When turning left from a two-way street onto another two-way street, you should turn
  29. Which of the following statements about entering a divided highway are true?
  30. You are driving on a divided highway when you see a vehicle preparing to merge. You should