Alberta Learners Test Prep: FREE AB Learner’s Practice Test 2019

AB driver's licence
Alberta Driver's Licence
This free practice test is designed to prepare you for the Alberta Learner's Test which is also called Class 7 Learner's License Test. It covers questions from a number of areas of the official Alberta Driver's Handbook and tests the basic road rules and driving techniques, parking rules and regulations, your knowledge of Alberta road signs, vehicle licensing and registration in Alberta. Updated for 2019. You will be given a choice between 4 options for each question. Read them carefully: even though they all may look similar to each other, shoot for the one that you feel would be best to answer that question. You will always know how you did on any particular question by either being transferred to the next one (if your answer was correct) or by seeing the immediate feedback and the correct answer (if you picked the wrong option). Feel free to click the 'Hint' link whenever you feel you could use some help in spotting the right answer. You can also click 'Start Over' at any time or upon completing the test to get even more practice and to grow confidence in Alberta driving rules. Remember, you are only allowed to make 5 mistakes to pass the official Learners test (30-questions).
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Alberta Driving Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:30
How many correct answers to pass:25
Passing score:83%

AB Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2019) official AB Driver's Licence Handbook.