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Manitoba Driving Practice Test 2024 | MB

MB driver's licence
4.31 out of 5 • 36 votes.
Based on 2024 MB driver's license manual Instant feedback
The official Manitoba written knowledge test has 30 multiple-choice questions, all based the 2024 Manitoba Driver’s Handbook. You'll get 30 minutes to get 80% or more on the exam - this means you can only miss no more than six questions. If you pass, you’ll need to pay $20 for your licence and up to $45 as a base driver premium. You'll be required to pass a vision test and provide proof of identity, and parental consent if you are a minor. Once you’ve held your learner licence for 9 months, you may be eligible to take your road test and move on to the intermediate stage of the GDL Program.
Ensuring the accuracy and quality of our practice tests is paramount. Learn more about our rigorous standards in our Commitment to Accuracy article.

Perfect for:

  • Manitoba Learner’s Permit
  • Manitoba Driver’s License
  • MB Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • MB Driver’s License Renewal.

What to expect on the actual MB exam:

  • 40 questions
  • 16+16 correct answers to pass
  • 80% passing score
  • Minimum age to apply: 16

MB Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official MB Driver's License Handbook.

Read online or download
MB driver's licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. Before you make a left turn on a two-way street, your vehicle should be positioned
  2. When you are approaching a stop sign, you must
  3. On a road with one lane in each direction, if you drive faster than and constantly pass other vehicles, you will
  4. When you're driving on gravel roads, which of the following statements are true?
  5. What must you do if you are involved in a collision in which someone is seriously injured?
  6. A collision can happen between
  7. If you are found to be driving while your licence is suspended, you will immediately face which of the following penalties?
  8. If you collide with and damage an unattended vehicle, you must
  9. If your vehicle plunges into water, you should
  10. If you have to make a sudden stop in an emergency, you should
  11. Unless otherwise indicated, you may turn left on a red light
  12. A teenager who is currently enrolled in MPI's Driver Z program may apply for a Class 5L licence if he or she is at least
  13. According to Manitoba law, _________ must wear seatbelts or suitable child restraints.
  14. Which of the following statements about wearing seatbelts is FALSE?
  15. You are driving in a school zone behind a slow-moving vehicle and would like to pass it. Are you allowed to do it?
  16. What is the hand signal for making a right turn?
  17. A 5I (Intermediate) licence holder is driving unsupervised between midnight and 5 a.m. How many passengers may ride in the vehicle?
  18. A 5I (Intermediate) licence holder is driving between 5 a.m. and midnight. How many passengers may ride in the rear seat?
  19. In which of these situations are you not allowed to pass another vehicle?
  20. What is this an example of?
  21. When the driver of another vehicle is about to overtake and pass your vehicle, you should
  22. If a minor in a vehicle is not properly secured with appropriate safety devices, who can be fined?
  23. What does the following pavement marking mean?
  24. When must you carry your Manitoba driver's licence with you?
  25. You are driving on an expressway and miss your exit. You should
  26. When using a merge lane to merge onto an expressway, you should
  27. If you must stop at a railway crossing in a non-restricted speed area, stay at least ____ metres from the nearest rail.
  28. If you must stop at a railway crossing within the city of Winnipeg, stay at least ____ metres from the nearest rail.
  29. Which of the following statements about railway crossings is FALSE?
  30. You see an ambulance with flashing lights that is stopped ahead. What must you do?