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Manitoba Driver’s Knowledge Test Practice 2024 | MB

MB driver's licence
4.54 out of 5 • 13 votes.
Based on 2024 MB driver's license manual Instant feedback
In Manitoba, you are required to pass the 30-question written knowledge test in order to obtain your learner licence. This is a 30-minute exam where you must score an 80% or higher, and are only allowed to miss up to 6 questions. Before you may take the written exam, you’ll be required to register as a customer with Manitoba Public Insurance, and then pay a $10 testing fee. If you pass, you’ll need to pay an additional $20 for your licence and up to $45 as a base driver premium. You are also required to pass a standard vision test and provide proof of identity, and parental consent (for minors). Once you’ve held your learner licence for at least nine months, you may be eligible to take your road test and move on to the intermediate stage of the GDL Program. Your road test will be an additional $30 when it’s time to test. This written knowledge practice test will help you prepare for the real exam and make sure you don’t have to wait to retest. The waiting period between written exams is seven days.
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Perfect for:

  • Manitoba Learner’s Permit
  • Manitoba Driver’s License
  • MB Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • MB Driver’s License Renewal.

What to expect on the actual MB exam:

  • 40 questions
  • 16+16 correct answers to pass
  • 80% passing score
  • Minimum age to apply: 16

MB Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official MB Driver's License Handbook.

Read online or download
MB driver's licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. Why should you avoid making a sudden manoeuvre in front of a transit bus?
  2. A solid white line is painted across each approach lane at this intersection. What does this white line represent?
  3. When another driver is tailgating you (following you too closely), what should you do?
  4. A transit bus is unloading passengers near an intersection. You may not
  5. Which of the following statements about large trucks are true?
  6. You are driving in the right lane. There is a truck right beside you in the left lane that is signalling a right turn. What should you do?
  7. If you are driving behind a truck and can't see its side mirrors, you should
  8. You're entering an expressway, but you're not sure if you'll have to slow down or stop before the entrance of the merge lane. What should you do?
  9. When are you permitted to exceed the posted speed limit?
  10. You are driving in the middle lane of a three-lane one-way street. An emergency vehicle whose siren and flashing lights are on approaches you from behind. You should
  11. You are on a divided highway. You approach a school bus that has stopped with flashing red lights on the opposite side of the highway. Do you have to stop here?
  12. In Manitoba, it is illegal to ________ when crossing railway tracks.
  13. In the daytime, if you are carrying a load that extends one metre past the rear of your vehicle, you must attach ________ to the end of the load.
  14. You see a blind pedestrian at a crosswalk with his or her cane raised. What should you do?
  15. In Manitoba, the usual fines for speeding are doubled in a construction zone
  16. If you see an oncoming cyclist at night, you should
  17. When are you allowed to park on a sidewalk?
  18. If you are found guilty of speeding or failing to use caution while driving through a construction zone, you may face which of the following penalties?
  19. Is this blue car correctly positioned for a left turn?
  20. You may legally leave your vehicle unattended with the motor running for which of the following purposes?
  21. This image shows the
  22. You can be charged with driving while impaired if you drive while taking which of the following prescription medications?
  23. Which of the following statements about novice drivers are true?
  24. Which of the following statements about cannabis is FALSE?
  25. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  26. For the purposes of the Driver Improvement and Control (DI&C) program, a novice driver is defined as a driver who has not held a Full Stage driver's licence for more than
  27. Under the Criminal Code, if you are convicted of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more, you may face which of the following penalties?
  28. Your driving privileges will be suspended if you are convicted of
  29. The Manitoba Driver Improvement and Control (DI&C) Program is intended to
  30. If you change your address, you must notify Manitoba Public Insurance