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FREE NWT Driver’s Test Practice 2024 | NT

NT driver's licence
4.57 out of 5 • 14 votes.
Based on 2024 NT driver's license manual Instant feedback
To begin driving in the Northwest Territories, you’ll need to qualify for your Class 7 licence by passing a written knowledge test. The test is made up of 20 multiple-choice questions on road rules, and a separate test of 20 questions on road signage, based on information pulled directly from the 2024 NWT Basic Driver’s Manual. To pass both and receive your licence, you may not miss more than four questions in each test. You’ll have 30 minutes provided for each exam. New drivers are eligible to test for their learner licence once they are 15 years old. The Northwest Territories have set a Graduated Licence Program to ease new drivers into the responsibility of being a fully licensed driver. Class 7 learner licence holders must be supervised at all times by another driver with at least two years of experience, may not drive during set late hours, may not carry other passengers, and must follow a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence. Once you have held a learner licence for one full year, you may take the road test and move up to a Class 5P probationary licence to be held for another year. Both the written and road tests each will cost $44 each time you attempt the test. In addition to the written tests when applying for your learner licence, you’ll also need to take an eye exam and provide proof of identity. This practice knowledge test will help you study as you prepare to earn your licence.
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Perfect for:

  • Northwest Territories Learner’s Permit
  • Northwest Territories Driver’s License
  • NT Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • NT Driver’s License Renewal.

What to expect on the actual NT exam:

  • 40 questions
  • 16+16 correct answers to pass
  • 85% passing score
  • Minimum age to apply: 16

NT Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2024) official NT Driver's License Handbook.

Read online or download
NT driver's licence

List of questions (classic view)

  1. While you hold a Class 7 (Learners) licence, you are not allowed to drive
  2. Any vehicle being operated in the Northwest Territories is required to have liability insurance of at least
  3. The maximum speed limit within a settlement or municipality is _______ unless otherwise posted.
  4. This sign is
  5. In the Northwest Territories, after you have stopped at a steady red light, you may
  6. What do the colours of the lines between lanes mean?
  7. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line indicates that
  8. When exiting a vehicle that is parallel parked, you should check for
  9. When you park facing uphill, which way should you point your front wheels?
  10. This is a
  11. In the Northwest Territories, you may not park within _______ of a fire hydrant.
  12. If two vehicles arrive at a four-way stop at different times, which one should proceed first?
  13. You are approaching an intersection controlled by a yield sign. What should you do?
  14. To make a right turn from a multilane road onto another multilane road, you should
  15. If your vehicle breaks down on the road and you have to pull over, where should you and your passengers stay while you wait for assistance?
  16. If you are involved in a collision, you must report it to the police immediately if total damages exceed
  17. What does this sign mean?
  18. According to the Northwest Territories Basic Driver's Manual, while you're driving, how far should you scan ahead?
  19. Driving at higher speeds increases your vehicle's fuel consumption. For every 10 km/h above 90 km/h, you burn _____ more fuel.
  20. This sign indicates
  21. In the Northwest Territories, are you allowed to tow someone riding a toboggan?
  22. If you are approaching a crosswalk in which pedestrians are crossing, what should you do?
  23. What are "No Zones?"
  24. You are travelling on a divided highway. A school bus with flashing red lights has stopped on the opposite side of the divided highway. What should you do?
  25. What does this road sign mean?
  26. You must not follow an emergency vehicle within _______ if its lights or siren are operating.
  27. For fully licenced drivers, the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is
  28. If you refuse to provide a breath or blood sample when an officer asks you to do so, your licence will be immediately suspended for
  29. If a driver in the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program accumulates at least ____ demerit points, his or her licence will be suspended.
  30. How should a bicyclist turn left at an intersection?