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Driving Practice Test: Yukon 2024

  • Perfect for learner’s permit and full adult driver’s licence
  • Based on official Yukon 2024 Driver's manual
  • Updated for July 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.
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YT commercial driver's licence
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What you need to know
Getting ready to drive in Yukon? You must fist pass the knowledge exam which is the first step in obtaining the YT Class 7 Learner's Licence (the first step in the territory's graduated driver’s licence program). The knowledge exam is made up of two parts, each with 20 multiple-choice questions, based on the 2024 Yukon Driver’s Handbook for Cars and Light Trucks. You’ll need to score 80% or more on each section to pass. If you don't pass your knowledge test test on the first try, you can always come back and try the next day, but use this practice test as an essential study guide to help you succeed. Don't forget to bring some kind of proof of your identity, residence, and a parent or legal guardian if you’re under 18, as well as the $20 testing fee, and $50 fee for the physical licence. Once the first step (Learner’s Licence) is complete, start practicing driving with a co-driver, who has held a full driver’s licence for 2+ years.
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List of questions (classic view)
  1. What must you do at a flashing red light?
  2. If the traffic signals at an intersection are not operating, treat the intersection like
  3. What does this sign indicate?
  4. While you're waiting to make a left turn at an intersection, which way should you point your front wheels?
  5. In Yukon, it is illegal to park
  6. In Yukon, the fines for speeding in construction zones are
  7. You see an ambulance with flashing lights that is stopped ahead. What should you do?
  8. If a tire blows out, you must NOT
  9. When exiting a freeway, you must reduce your speed
  10. Which of the following statements about HOV lanes is FALSE?
  11. When approaching a construction zone, what should you do?
  12. If you need to brake on a slippery surface and your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), what should you do?
  13. Which of the following statements about cul-de-sacs are true?
  14. Which of the following are safe rules to follow when you're driving at night?
  15. When another driver is trying to pass you, you should
  16. Are you allowed to turn left across a single solid line?
  17. Which of the following should you NOT do on a highway?
  18. While driving on a freeway, you notice a vehicle ahead that is trying to join the highway from an acceleration lane. What should you do?
  19. In which of the following situations should you check over your shoulder?
  20. In which of the following situations do you need to stop driving and instead call for assistance?
  21. When you're parking your vehicle facing downhill next to a curb, which way should you point your front wheels?
  22. You have parallel parked next to a curb, facing uphill. Which way should you point your front wheels?
  23. Which of the following statements about passing a cyclist is FALSE?
  24. Under ideal driving conditions, you should leave a following distance of at least ________ behind the vehicle ahead of you.
  25. If you're following a large vehicle or a motorcycle, you should maintain a following distance of at least
  26. What is the best way to handle a curve?
  27. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
  28. If there is an oncoming vehicle in your lane, what should you do to avoid a collision?
  29. If another vehicle tries to pass you while you're in a sharp curve, what should you do?
  30. If your vehicle gets stuck on a railway track, what should you do?