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Ask Driving Genie AI

    Alberta Traffic Signs and Road Situations 2023 | AB

    AB driver's licence
    You may have already seen various signs mixed in with Alberta’s scenery, but now it's time for you to understand them all to get to the best our roads have to offer. It's critical that every driver is able to recognize all these signs to stay safe on the road. This driving practice test will focus on the road signs and traffic situations to help you study and prepare more in-depth for your official knowledge test. Here you'll need to answer 30 multiple-choice questions, written in a very similar manner to those on the actual AB knowledge exam. For each question you’ll receive an image illustrating a sign or situation that you may face on your written exam, a hint and an explanation. The official Alberta driver's manual can be confusing, so we've simplified the explanations to make each sign easier to understand and recall. Each question you answer incorrectly will be stored in your Challenge Bank so you can revisit it later. Good luck!

    Perfect for:

    • Alberta Learner’s Permit
    • Alberta Driver’s License
    • AB Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
    • AB Driver’s License Renewal.

    What to expect on the actual AB exam:

    • 30 questions
    • 25 correct answers to pass
    • 83% passing score
    • Minimum age to apply: 14

    AB Driver's Handbook

    View the most recent (2023) official AB Driver's License Handbook.

    Read online or download
    AB driver's licence

    List of questions (classic view)

    1. This driver is using a hand signal. The driver intends to
    2. What does this sign mean?
    3. You should not follow cyclists closely because
    4. What do these roadway markings mean?
    5. What does this road sign mean?
    6. What does this sign mean?
    7. What does a flashing yellow traffic light mean?
    8. What does a downward-pointing green arrow above your lane mean?
    9. When you encounter a stop sign, you must
    10. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, what should you do?
    11. When you press down on the clutch in a vehicle with manual transmission, what does it do?
    12. You are approached from behind by an emergency vehicle sounding its siren on a one-way street. What should you do?
    13. You are parking your vehicle facing uphill on a street without a curb. In which direction should you be turning your front wheels?
    14. When driving in heavy fog, you should use
    15. The area of a primary highway beyond the solid white line is meant for
    16. Two cars arrive at a four-way stop at about the same time. Which car should go first?
    17. You are approaching an intersection with a solid yellow light. You should
    18. Shared centre lanes are used for
    19. In Alberta, are you allowed to turn right at a solid red light?
    20. When a red X signal is displayed over your lane, you must
    21. A white diamond marking in your lane indicates that
    22. A white X pavement marking in your lane means that
    23. Cars A and B have arrived at this intersection at about the same time. Car A wants to turn left and Car B wants to go straight. Who has the right-of-way?
    24. What does this road sign mean?
    25. When can a vehicle with just one occupant (the driver) use this lane?
    26. What does this sign mean?
    27. You are approaching an intersection at which you want to turn left. You cannot see any other vehicles around. Do you still have to signal?
    28. In Alberta, when must you dim your high-beam headlights?
    29. In Alberta, which of the following statements is FALSE?
    30. Two cars are turning left onto a divided highway. Which cars are turning correctly?